About Me


My name is Celine, forever 18, thrill-seeker, tree-hugger, moon-worshipper, tea-chugger, and storyteller extraordinaire!

Here are some fast and random facts about me:
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  1. I hail from the Art Capital of the Philippines, Angono, Rizal, and also have some Bicolana blood running in me.
  2. I am a Deist Theist.
  3. I have formed a self-association with the Moon.
  4. Florence and the Machine is my all-time favorite band. And Florence Welch is my number one life-peg.
  5. I have an intense girl crush on Cate Blanchett (she is also my life-peg).
  6. I want to be a farmer forester someday.
  7. The carabao tamaraw is my favorite animal.
  8. I love strawberries.
  9. I can't get over the fact that dayap makes everything better.
  10. I am OBSESSED with trees! And my ultimate dream is to plant my own forest.
  11. Oh, good lord, I love find it hard to have junk foods now that I am vegan.

As for this blog, well...

The beginnings of Celineism is, in retrospect, a funny one.

The idea of starting a blog had long been on my mind, but it had only become a real thing in 2013, after the May elections. I had invested myself in a particular candidate and when this candidate lost, I became inexplicably and deeply heartbroken. For a time, I have associated the phrase "ang sakit sa puso" with this incident. I didn't know how else to make peace with the profound sense of grief from this associative loss. I made an open letter. It was my very first post in Celineism. I wrote and published it with the hope that this certain senatorial candidate will read it. But she never did, I guess.
celine reyes blogger
After having moved on from this heartbreak, I thought, "why not continue this blog?"

I did continue it and the succeeding articles in Celineism became more about food trips and gastronomic adventures. After a series of entries, I stopped. I believe I may have suffered from a bout of depression - I already wrote about it here. Later on, I caught an incurable case of the Wanderlust, and Celineism became my adventure journal.

At present, Celineism is a treasure trove of everything I love. Mostly, I talk about my adventures - both travel and gastronomic. But I also write creative pieces like essays, songs, poetry, and stories. I sometimes also talk about my first love: books.

Basically, Celineism is where my love for words meet my love for adventures.

I tried working in an office but it didn't really work out. I'm too free-spirited. So, now, I wonder, I wander, and I write.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Celineism. I hope by reading this "about" section some sort of connection between reader and blogger has been established. :)

If you have questions, ideas, or just random thoughts you want to share, just leave a comment or check out the Contact page.