Running An Online Store While Traveling: Tips For Eco Digital Nomads

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

When you were in grade school and were asked what you wanted to be when you grow up, the typical answers were along the lines of fairy princesses and firemen… But never in the days of early childhood has anyone ever said that they wanted to be a digital nomad!

For most people, digital nomadism is something they either stumbled upon or “resorted” to simply because they’re unhappy in their day-to-day jobs or saw other people traveling and wanted to try it out too. But in today’s digital era, wearing the title of “digital nomad” is just as common of a career title as “financial advisor” is… It’s a lifestyle that’s taking the world by storm with no signs of slowing down.

Just as the digital nomad lifestyle is constantly growing in popularity, there is another part of it that’s also picking up as much speed as the lifestyle itself, and it’s eco-friendly travel.

At the core of the digital nomad, travel is where their passion resides. But in fulfilling their wanderlust traveling all over the world, more and more digital nomads are becoming aware of the danger that our ecosystem is in. And digital nomads are a pretty big contributor to the problem.

How Can Digital Nomads Fulfill Their Wanderlust While Remaining Eco-Friendly?
This is a question many digital nomads ask themselves because they indeed do want to do their part to make the world a safer place, environmentally, but they don’t want to stop traveling in order to do so.

So what’s a “tree-hugging” wanderlust to do?

Well, the key is to travel with intent.

What’s traveling with intent?

Traveling with intent means that you are very aware of how your travels impact the environment and because of that, everything you do in your travels is done with the intent to either reduce or eliminate harming the environment.

So first thing’s first, digital nomads don’t just travel. They travel and make money online during their travels, right? Yes. Most digital nomads work several different jobs to fund their travels, but not all of them do that. Some digital nomads solely fund their travels just as an entrepreneur running their online store. 

Running an online store, as crazy as this may sound, is probably the best way to positively contribute to an eco-friendly digital nomad lifestyle.

How Running an Online Store is Your Key to Reducing Your Carbon Footprint
In running an online store, that is your main focus, allowing you to be more relaxed and not feel so pressured to jump on a plane and head to your next destination. 

With the responsibilities of running an online store and working various other jobs, sometimes you create such a heavy workload for yourself that you stress yourself out and think that the location what’s making you feel overloaded. What lots of digital nomads don’t realize is that hopping from plane to plane is a MAJOR contributor to Carbon pollution.

As a traveling entrepreneur, you have time to actually enjoy your destination, there’s less stress on your livelihood, and you’re still making money. Of course, there will be some maintenance you’ll need to do to ensure your business stays profitable. 

Things like sales and marketing and continually updating your site to produce valuable and relevant content are things you’ll have to do to increase engagement with your existing and potential customers…

But even in the maintenance and upkeep of your business, it’s still not a daunting task for you that has the potential to stress you to a point you feel you need to constantly hop from plane to plane. In fact, did you know that there are sites out there that actually provide services to help you manage your online store?

As a traveling online store owner, one of the best ways to truly fulfill your wanderlust is to find expert help in your industry niche. This is not only going to free up your time to work on other areas of your business but it’s also going to give you more time to enjoy your destination.

You now know the best lucrative and eco-friendly way to earn as a digital nomad, but now you need to know just how to travel with intent during your nomadic adventures.

Traveling With Intent: Ways to Sustainably Travel As a Digital Nomad
Take Direct Flights to All Your Destinations
Taking direct flights is the best way to know that you’re using the least amount of kilometers as possible. According to, one transcontinental flight adds up to 25% of the carbon footprint the average traveler uses in a year.

This isn’t always something you can always get because you just have to see what type of flights are available for the destination you’re going to. The important thing to remember, and take pride in knowing is that you are at least making the effort to do your part by taking direct flights, even if you do have to resort to a flight with layovers.

Walk Around to Explore Your Destination
If you’re in a destination that’s walkable, let your legs be your mode of transportation. This is not only going to keep you active during your travels, but it’s also going to allow you to see parts of your destination that aren’t on the maps!

You, of course, want to take all safety precautions but walking tours are great for taking in the culture of your destination. While you’re walking around, you can also do your part by not littering. This may not seem like you’re making a big difference, but you are. Every little bit counts.

Reduce Your Flights By Staying in Your Destination Longer
People tend to think that as a digital nomad, you have to jet-set to a new destination every other week or so. That’s not the case at all. 

Constant travel isn’t sustainable for your wallet or the environment. Think about it: Traveling is expensive, and to buy plane tickets every couple of weeks, or even months, can eat through your entire savings and profits from your business.

There’s nothing wrong with staying in your destination for an extended period of time. This will not only reduce your carbon footprint but it will also allow you to explore the culture and meet new people, allowing you to create memories that will last your lifetime.

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