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Saturday, June 08, 2019

hotels in antique

Aboard Philippine Airlines’s flight to San Jose from Clark and chauffeured by Katahum Tours across Antique, I was able to experience some of the province’s offerings. I also got to stay at some of the province’s hotels and resorts. 

If you’re the planning a trip to Antique soon, here are some places to stay. 

A trip to Mararison Island in the town of Culasi is a must for most tourists. While there are plenty of homestays in the island, there is also lone resort that affords relative peace and quiet. 
where to stay in mararison island

With simple rooms that could accommodate large groups, Enrique de Mararison is as close to resort-comfort as one can get in a strip-down island such as Mararison. There are huts to idle about and trees to hang a hammock on. 
enrique de mararison rooms

Trekking paths are also accessible from the resort as well as a cove on the other side of the island.
mararison island

Enrique de Mararison
Mararison Island, Culasi, Antique
Enrique de Mararison Facebook Page
+63 915 324 7575

Tucked in the hinterlands of Tibiao, Calawag Mountain Resort offers no-nonsense accommodations from bamboo huts to a legitimate treehouse! 
calawag mountain resort treehouse

Services like body massage and scrubs are also available at the resort. Of course, there’s also a collection of kawas for the province’s signature Kawa Bath. The resort also has a fish spa. It also offers tours to nearby tourist attractions like Bugtong Bato Falls
resorts in tibiao antique

And since its location is far from the happenings – mobile reception is almost nil – you’ll be sure to get your peace and quiet in these parts.
resorts near tibiao river

Calawag Mountain Resort
Brgy. Tuno Tibiao, Antique
Calawag Mountain Resort Facebook Page
+63 917 450 3121

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Found in the village of Dionela in the town of Pandan, this beach resort enjoys a front-row seat to the famed gray-sand beaches of the town. Because of this, sunsets here are almost always incredible. Aside from being a venue for a natural spectacle, Pandan Beach Resort offers a slew of fully-air-conditioned rooms. There are also dorm-type bahay-kubo style accommodations that’s perfect for a group.
where to stay in pandan antique

beach resorts in pandan antique

The design is sleek and rustic. Polished wood and boho furniture and displays. My favorite part is the lobby with its collection of couches and chaise lounges where no one would judge your for idling about and feeling too much at home. 
beach resorts in antique

pandan beach resort rooms

The resort is also along the highway and close to commercial establishments like banks and 24-hourc conveniences stores. There’s also a spa and wellness center in the resort as well as an in-house resto called Marquessa’s Bistro, which I found was very accommodating with my lifestyle. Plus points! I did not subsist in Pandan. Oh, the resort also offers tours around town. Check out this list of things to do in Pandan.
pandan beach resort spa

pandan beach resort services

Pandan Beach Resort
Brgy. Dionela, Pandan, Antique
Pandan Beach Resort Facebook Page
+63 917 580 9648

If accessibility is a big deal for you, Kawa Inn in Tibiao is a good homebase. It’s near the town proper so commercial establishments are within’s reach. It also sits along the highway so getting from one place to another would not be an issue. 
kawa inn tibiao
The rooms here are mostly designed to handle big groups. Only a couple, I think, are for couples. But the other big rooms can be rented out per bed, I believe. 
antique accommodations

Fashioned like bahay-kubos, the rooms are mostly bamboo and wood. Double decks are plenty and the spaces are maximized to accommodate as many people as possible – no unnecessary decor. 
where to stay in antique

There’s also a fish spa up front, and a swimming pool at the back. Staying at Kawa Inn, especially with friends, feels like a sleepover at a well-to-do family’s vacation house in the province.
budget hotels in antique

Kawa Inn
Purok 12, Brgyy. Malabor Tibiao, Antique
Kawa Inn Facebook Page
+63 917 450 3121
Located way up in the uplands of San Remigio, Aningalan Strawberry Garden offers mountainous views and cool weather. There may not be a beach in site but the rolling vistas would be a good replacement. The vast lands and unobstructed skyline are also perfect for star-gazing and astrophotography.
The property itself rests amidst an organic farm whence the dishes from the in-house restaurant gets its ingredients. Talk about farm-to-table! The strawberries are not always in season, but you could feast on other kinds of fresh produce.
aningalan mountains

Meanwhile, the rooms are located in a single guesthouse. There's a total of three rooms. One has two double decks that could fit three persons each. Another has two single beds. Then the last has two more double decks good for two people each. The sala could also accommodate up to five persons if you lay out some bedding. An option to camp out on a tent is also available.
antique strawberry garden

Aningalan Highland Strawberry Garden
Brgy. Aningalan, San Remigio, Antique
Aningalan Highland Strawberry Garden Facebook Page
+63 917 988 3787 / +63 917 824 9586

If you want your stay to be as sustainable as possible then this place in the town of Tobias Fornier is perfect. Boasting a beachfront property, Alpas offers a rustic but elegant accommodation in the form of the Consuelo Guesthouse.
where to stay in tobias fornier antique

alpas antique rooms

Made mostly of bamboo, Consuelo is a loft-type structure with its own toilet and a slew of tasteful Filipino-inspired decor. From the bedsheets to the lamps down to the mats, the guesthouse proudly displays local pride.
alpas antique guesthouse room

consuelo guesthouse antique

But the best part of staying at Consuelo is getting to dine at Alpas Restaurant. The place promotes sustainable dining, serving dishes made from local ingredients. The restaurant aims to empower our local farmers by supporting them and turning their harvest into a memorable dining experience. And to top it all of: Alpas is vegan-friendly! You'd just have to inform them beforehand.
alpas antique

where to eat vegan in antique

Tobias Fornier-Anini Y Road, Sto. Ban Ban, Brgy. Paciencia Tobias Fornier, Antique
Alpas Facebook Page
+63 939 358 2092

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OK. I know this hotel name’s sound like the feeling you get when you’re peeing, but do not let that discourage you. This hotel in the capital of San Jose is actually very nice. It’s in the center of town so you’d have access to the comforts of modern life. 
The rooms are nothing fancy, but are well-appointed. There’s also a place where one could work – the WiFi’s really fast here.
esprutingkle business hotel rooms

There’s also a balcony should you want some fresh air. Oh, and it’s also just a few minutes away from the San Jose Airport!

best hotels in antique

Esprutingkle Business Hotel
2F celtillion Bldg., T.A. Fornier St. San Jose Antique
Esprutingkle Business Hotel Facebook Page
+36 540 9853

So there you go. These are some places to stay when in the province. Here’s a list of things to do and places to check out in Antique. 

Have you stayed in any of these places?

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