Sojourning in San Remigio, Antique

Saturday, June 08, 2019

san remigio antique travel guide
This is the twelfth installment of the Spread the Impact series – a collection of travel narratives and guides to less-traveled places in the Philippines, with the aim to spread human impact to the environment as well as uplift the lives of communities through tourism. 

One of the few landlocked towns of Antique is San Remigio. It doesn’t have the beaches or ocean views most of its neighbors have, but what it lacks in shores it more than makes up for in stunning rolling terrains. 

With about 70% of its lands dotted with mountains, San Remigio offers cool climes and distinct natural attractions. It used to have the reputation of harboring rebels, keeping visitors from discovering its treasures. But now that the security situation has been stabilized, San Remigio is ready to share its trove of wonderful attractions. 

But first, the Leave No Trace Principles:

Enjoy the Mountainous Views and Cool Weather
The expansive lands of Aningalan features rolling terrains and breathtaking mountain vistas. It’s reminiscent of Luzon’s Baguio – the weather and the ubiquity of organic produce, and yes, strawberries.

If you’re into astrophotography, this is the best place to practice.

Amble About Danao Lake
This 3-hectare lake is considered enchanted by locals. It’s home to an abundance of freshwater fish and a favorite haunt of birds.

A ride through the lake aboard a bamboo raft is an activity that can be done here. Relaxing in one of the huts is also a good idea. The place is best visited, in my opinion, early in the morning when the light is less harsh.

Scramble Up Igbaclag Cave
This cluster of limestone tucked in a jungle is one of San Remigio’s most popular tourist attractions. It reminded me of Luna’s Dupag Rock Formations in Apayao with its sharp and jagged tips.

Not so much a cave but a tunnel of karst, one can climb up a passage to get to the top of the scar and get a good view of the rich canopies of the surrounding forest.

Mushroom Delight and Freshly Brewed Coffee
Munch on mushroom burgers and native coffee as you take in the vista. Nothing says relaxation than enjoying the cool weather with a hot cup of coffee in hand. 

A Horde of Organic Produce
Organic farms are plenty in this side of Antique and organic vegetables and fruits can be bought here at the best rates. You may feast on farm-to-table salads or bring home a bunch of strawberries and other greens home. 

Philippine Airlines flies to San Jose in Antique via Clark thrice weekly. From the San Jose, get on a jeepney or van to Sibalom. Once here, get on another jeep bound for San Remigio. Get off at Aningalan. You may need to hire a habal-habal to reach the destinations listed above. 

Note that there is only one jeep that goes straight to Aningalan from Sibalom leaving at 6AM. The return trip from Aningalan to Sibalom is at 3PM. Meanwhile, there are two trips to San Remigio: 6AM and 12NN. In San Remigio, you may hire a habal-habal to take you to Aningalan. 

For a hassle-free tour, get in touch with Katahum Tours.

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Day 1
12:00NN to 1:45NN - Jeep to San Remigio
1:45NN to 2:15PM - ETA Aningalan Strawberry Garden
2:15 onwards - Explore Highlands

Day 2
6AM to 8AM - Explore Danao Lake
8AM to 10AM - Explore Igbaclag Cave
10AM to 11:30AM - Habal-habal to Sibalom

Aningalan Highland Strawberry Garden
Brgy. Aningalan, San Remigio, Antique
Aningalan Highland Strawberry Garden Facebook Page
+63 917 988 3787 / +63 917 824 9586

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