On Mothers and Giving Back

Monday, August 27, 2018

My adventures started with an end. In order to find healing from my mother's death, I began traveling. I've written about this source of both grief and hope many times, and while this loss continues to propel me into motion, I still can't help but feel envious. Of what? Well...

Perhaps one of my greatest regrets is not being able to bring my Mama with me in my adventures. While mountains might not be her cup of tea, I'm pretty sure she would've loved staying in resorts and fancy hotels. I would've loved to take her to Saigon, to have her taste the food I'm so obsessed with. I would've brought her with me to Catanduanes, a place not too far from her roots – she would've felt right at home there. 

More than her death, what saddens me is the unrealized possibilities. So I urge everyone to travel with your mothers – your parents – at least once. Let them share the joy of seeing a place for the first time. Let them experience being transformed by kind encounters on the road. Let them understand why you oh so love to travel

One might also say that travel can be a form of giving back. Our parents might have a dream destination, somewhere they've been wanting to go, but haven't had the time or the means to actually go. Perhaps they'd put it aside because they chose to raise us.

In this heartfelt video by AirAsia entitled "Magnet", watch how a son repays the sacrifices of his mother with the gift of travel. #AirAsia #DaretoDream

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