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Saturday, April 14, 2018

eagle point resort anilao

One of my bestfriends Nikki was home from Dubai, and wanting to spend time with her, I took her with me to Batangas, to Eagle Point Resort for some quality bonding time.

Perched on a promontory in the town of Anilao, getting to Eagle Point Resort could be quite a hassle, but you'll realize that the tranquility here more than makes up for it.

The resort enjoys a front row seat to Anilao's rich marine life, having access to a nexus of about 30 dive sites along the Verde Island Passage. It's famous for its year-round diving, but I find that it's selling point, at least for me, is the sense of seclusion. It's delightfully surprising that despite sharing the resort with a bunch of divers, it still managed to feel like you're on your own, left to your own devices, without worrying that you might bump in to another person every now and again.
eagle point resort front desk

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A good thing, too, since upon arrival in the resort we found that we were exhausted from the commute. So we stayed in bed until the sky turned dark, savoring the comfort our Superior Terrace Room (Php3,000/night) afforded (for the best rates, check here). Nikki and I each had a bed to ourselves so we slept with utter ease.

eagle point resort rooms

eagle point resort anilao rooms

eagle point resort view

eagle point resort bathroom shower

eagle point resort room

I came to before her so I walked out into the terrace, noting how the sun was still hovering over the horizon. I grabbed my camera and tripod, and tried to shake Nikki awake. She remained asleep so I let her be.

Lugging my gears, I headed for the wharf that usually served as the divers' jumpoff point. Nearby was the dive shop, and the saltwater pool where one can practice-dive.
eagle point resort dive resort

eagle point resort diving rates

I found a spot near the edge of the wharf and began shooting the sunset. Here is what I think was my best photo:
eagle point resort sunset

When I was satisfied, I went back to our room and found Nikki still asleep. Amidst my shuffling, she finally woke. She told me she was hungry. So was I, I assured her. Together, we walked to the restaurant and ordered some salmon and lechon kawali. We also had our leftover sinigang from our lunch.
eagle point resort restaurant

eagle point resort restaurant menu

eagle point resort restaurant

eagle point resort restaurant

eagle point resort menu

eagle point resort food

We went back to sleep after a couple of hours from dinner. Ah, la dolce vita.
eagle point resort swimming pool

eagle point resort pools

eagle point resort swimming pools

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The next day, we got on a boat and visited a private island named Seco. It supposedly got its name from the trees that grow along its shores. Eagle Point has exclusive access to the island and it's why you're sure to enjoy it without the usual hordes of tourists. Sometimes, even by yourself – which was what happened to us.

The boat ride barely took an hour and soon we were exploring the hills that flanked the island. We saw the island's namesake trees and I thought they look a bit like stunted Talisay. When we got sweaty from all the walking around and posing for photos, we headed for the water.
seco island

seco island batangas

seco island eagle point resort

We spent the whole morning in the island, spending lunch in there, too. We've been told Seco is also popular for team-building, and the convention-hall-sized nipa hut supported that claim. But it's also great for a solo sojourn. It's the closest thing we regular people can get to having our own island.
teambuilding venues batangas

The staff here, too, are very accommodating. But in terms of the facilities, my only comment is that they should install water dispensers and do away with bottled waters. Barring that, they could serve water in pitchers instead. Minimize trash, especially since they're this close to the ocean.
Aside from that, I wished we could've stayed longer so as to try the other activities like kayaking and snorkeling. Maybe we could've tried diving, too! We were so exhausted from the commute, we didn't even get to take a dip in the pool.

But all in all, I appreciated the relaxing atmosphere and found it perfect for Nikki and I. We're both quite lazy (hehe) and would take every opportunity to just lie down and eat in a heartbeat.

Motorized boat to Sepoc Island - Php2,500/round trip, good for 4 pax
Kayaking - Php500/hour
Mask and snorkle -Php250/day use
Intro dive - Php3,360/pax
Banana boat - Php1,500, good for 5 pax
Glass Bottom Boat - Php7,500, good for 12 pax
Try scuba - Php1,680/pax
Licensed divers –  Check out the Resort's Dive Package

- First and foremost, please make yourself familiar, if not already, with the Leave No Trace Principles.
- Bringing in food and  beverage in the resort is strictly prohibited;
- Day tour starts at 9:00AM to 5:00PM
- Check-in time is at 2:00PM, however guests can be accommodated earlier subject to room availability. Check -out time is at 12:00nn.
- Food and beverage department strictly follow the following schedules:
    Ala Carte: 6AM to 10PM;
    Breakfast : 7AM to 10AM;
    Lunch: 12NN to 2PM; and
    Dinner: 6PM to 9PM
- Boat ride to Sepoc beach center is always  subject to weather condition.
- Promo rates cannot be used in conjunction with other promos, promo cards and senior citizen card
- Pets are strictly not allowed.

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From Cubao, get on a bus bound for Anila. DLTB, and Jam Liner have daily trips here. Alternatively, there are also Anilao-bound buses in Pasay. Alight at either the Anilao Port or the Anilao Crossing. Fare is Php165 to Php170 if coming from Cubao; travel time is about three hours. From Anilao Port or Anilao Crossing, rent a tricycle to take you to the guard house of Eagle Point. Fare is Php300, good for two; travel time is about 30 minutes. Once here, the resort's shuttle will come and pick you up.

Eagle Point Resort
Anilao, Batangas
Phone: +63 2 8133553
Fax/Ph: +63 2 8133560

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