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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

blackport tomas morato menu

Imagine going on a foodtrip right after yoga. Sounds counterproductive? Oh, totally. But, that's what Marky, Christine, and I did. We'd just finished attending Ferdz' yoga session in Community Fitness in Pasig where we also went in a walking tour/foodtrip.

We already did some good eating around Pasig, but we weren't done yet. In the afternoon, we rode to Quezon City for another round. Hey, what's life without a few workouts going completely to waste?

Cozy, classy, and nice are the words that come to mind when I think of Blackport. Found in Sct. Rallos, the place is owned by a pair of seasoned travelers: Mark Julius of Lakwatserong Tsinelas (or Atty. as we all fondly call him), and Kirk of KirkAnatomy.

The place is decorated with ochre wood planks and a haphazard collection of travel paraphernalia. There's a row of masks – Kirk's personal collection – along one wall. A slew of guide books lay stacked on a table in one corner. By the large window by the door, miniature sailboats and RVs are arranged in one line along with exotic-looking sculptures.
blackport restaurant tomas morato

blackport tomas morato

blackport timog
blackport restaurant timog

masks from around the world

travel themed restaurant timog

travel restaurant in tomas morato

The decor may seem slightly chaotic-orderly, but the place manages to look bigger than it actually is thanks to the mirrored wall. Aside from the illusion of width, the mirror also disperses natural light in the room, making it bright and airy during daytime. Come evening, however, Blackport transforms into a sleek hangout spot, almost reminiscent of a speakeasy.

Let me be honest: I have sworn off meat (except fish) since the last few months of 2017. I struggled at first, especially because of my job as a travel writer. But then I got the hang of it, managing to decline meat-laden dishes and just making it clear that about what I do and don't eat.

However, since I wanted to support a couple of friends' endeavor, I decided to put the pesco-vegetarianism on hold for one day (the last time I ever will) and try Blackport's fanfare.

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Fortunately, Marky and Christine are not at all judgey and were both supportive of my decision. So, we got into ordering, opting for the Chili Fries (Php129), Classic Buffalo Wings (Php229)American Caesar Wings (Php229), the signature Blackport Burger (Php329), Italian Parmigiana (Php249), and the much recommended Four Cheese Pizza (Php399).

First off: the fries. I might've had picked out the meat, eating just the potato, but, you can never ever go wrong with fries.
blackport tomas morato menu

As for the chicken wings, I had a couple and I thought they were flavorful, not too spicy to dull out all the other flavors. There was a little bit of sweetness, and what I especially love was it didn't taste like MSG – you know what I'm talking about.
blackport menu

blackport menu

Now, the Blackport Burger. The thick beef patty came in a black bun. To be honest, I was wary of it. Beef had been the first to go in my no-meat diet and my last attempt at eating it had not gone well. I did try a bite, but noooope. I had to spit it out. I couldn't. But let that not be a testament to its taste. Marky and Christine liked it just fine.
burger with black bun in tomas morato

The Italian Parmigiana, I wasn't too fond of. I liked the chicken wing topping, but the Pomodoro sauce was too tangy for my liking.
blackport timog menu

Last but not the least, we had the Four Cheese Pizza. It has a 12-inch black crust of yeasted bread, topped with cheddar, parmesan, blue cheese, and a chunk of mozzarella. I now fully understand why my other friends who've been here before were adamant we try this. Good lord, it was delicious. Perhaps the best quatro formaggi I have tasted. Highly recommended!
blackport timog menu

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Oh, we also got the Mango basil tea (Php110), and the Strawberry basil tea (Php110). Both were in a sort of slushy form (read: it's cold). I love strawberries, it's my favorite non-fruit, but I preferred the Mango variety this time.
restaurants that use metal straws

philippine restaurants with metal straws

The food and the ambiance already drive the home run for Blackport, but it will delight you that service is excellent here, too.
blackport restaurant

The food is freshly made and taste like it, but it doesn't take forever for it to arrive on the table. Despite being roadside, it's not noisy indoors. Oh, perhaps the most important point: Blackport uses metal straws for their drinks! The restaurant is also an Eco-heroes Hub, which means you can purchase your own metal straw here! Isn't that awesome?
metal straws philippines

Well, in conclusion, I consider my temporary regression worthy. Thank goodness my favorite dish here didn't have any meat! I can return without going against my diet!

Furthermore, adventurers would feel right at home in this restaurant not just because of the worldly decorations, Its patrons are the most well-traveled individuals you can find, and if you'd like to meet your favorite Pinoy travel blogger/s, there's a good chance you'll bump into them here.

From Araneta Center Cubao, walk towards EDSA and get on a bus to Fairview. Get off at Kamias (landmark is Jollibee). From here, ride on a bus to España or Pantranco then tell the driver to drop you off at Sct. Rallos. You'll be dropped off at a Shakey's right across the street head to Sct. Rallos. Blackport is just a short walk from here.

WiFi: Yes
Parking: Street
Modes of Payment: Cash, Credit Card

51 B Scout Rallos Quezon City
Open everyday from 11AM to 2AM

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