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Sunday, March 11, 2018

where to stay in pham ngu lao

After our 10-day foray into Indonesia, then spending one whole day at the Jakarta International Airport, we were finally down to the last leg of the #CDHoneymoonAdventure. We arrived in Ho Chi Minh late in the night, with a room in the Binh Tan District. On the way to our hotel, I soon realized I made a grave mistake: we were too far from the city center

It was too late for us to go to another hotel, so we spent the rest of the night there. I checked Traveloka and applied for a refund of the remaining 4 nights, and I was glad it was immediately granted. 

I then found a place right at the heart of the center, in Pham Ngu Lao, right next to the infamous backpacker street of Bui Vien. So the next day, we packed our bags and rode to our new place. 
budget hotels near bui vien

It was a building taller than wide. It's literally a 30-second walk to the market and is surrounded by stores and establishments. Everything is at a walking distance.

We got a Superior Room. It was simple and small but there was a window and we had space to move around. The bathroom was also the second nicest we had. 
tuan anh hotel rooms

We got so familiar with the room because we basically did a staycation in it, but I am glad for it. 
cheap accommodations in ho chi minh
via Traveloka

We booked via Traveloka and paid Php3,611.20 for four nights. Check the hotel here

I've read from reviews that the receptionists here aren't helpful. Here are my observations: the lady during the morning shift was the most helpful person ever. She was very cordial, smiling every time we passed by the front desk. She also gave us maps. The other two ladies during the mid, and night shift were so-so. Not as friendly but we didn't really mind. 
best places to stay in at ho chi minh

You might find this weird but I love it when hotels don't send housekeeping automatically. You know, when they go through your stuff when you're not in the room? I don't like that. Tuan Anh will not have your room cleaned unless you make a request. So I was at peace, even though our room was starting to look and feel a little too much like home.

I highly recommend staying here in Tuan Anh when in Saigon. It's the perfect mid-range hotel. It's not rowdy and communal as a hostel, and it's also not too posh and budget-busting. Plus, the location is the best. This hotel's location is the textbook definition of strategic. 

Tuan Anh Hotel 168
168 Cong Quynh, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 

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