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Monday, March 19, 2018

san rafael river adventure review

San Rafael River Adventure presented itself like an unexpected gift.

"Are we still in Bulacan?" I thought suspiciously upon stepping out of the bus, unto the resort's canopied vicinity. 

The vibe here was so different compared to the heritage city of Malolos. The art nouveau buildings were replaced with foliage, glinting like metal from the late noon sun. Instead of the impatient song of cars and feet, there were chirping birds and crackling leaves. What an abrupt, albeit welcomed, transition. 

THE PLACEWe gathered in a gazebo-like structure, with walls of dark wood and a floor of pebbles. We could try all the activities, they told us. There were kayaking, ATV, jet ski, and a hodgepodge more of water activities. Most chose to head to the Angat River that sustained and enlivened this place. A handful of us opted to wander the forested trails.

Glass houses started to pop up in the path. Their mirror walls reflecting the surrounding green. One, known as the Glass Tree House, jutted out into the edge, with naught but a covey of hardwoods to prop it. Next to it was a viewdeck. The Angat River expansive, still and glimmering from this spot.
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Further, a pool so clear and blue disrupted the emerald canvas of the place. Hemmed by shrubs and treetops, sunlight here was dappled if not sparse. 
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A few more steps and there was the floating pool, propped right on the surface of the river, with rows of bamboo cottages on either side. Further still was the glamping campsite where a handful of large tents were set up. There was a group of visitors having merienda and a couple who was grilling hotdog on the pit. 
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After ambling around, I aimed for the river, to where most of my companions were. Emerging from the path, I encountered a road that angled downward. The steep decline impelled me to sprint to lessen pressure on my knees. At its foot, I looked to my right and saw a pair of rope bridge suspended on a pond. Later, I would find out that the bridges sank if you lingered too long.
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On the banks of the Angat River, some of my companions watched as the others took turns on the jetski (or the kayak, or the paddleboard). I considered changing into my bathing suit but thought against it when I realized I'd just washed my hair the day before. See, I do not like baths. 
angat river jetski

So I sat there and lived vicariously through my friends, cheering them as they roared in jetskis or rowed in kayaks. After half an hour, we were ushered into a floating cottage where a spread of kakanin and lugaw awaited us. 

We began our "sunset" cruise with the sun still quite high from the horizon. The river's borders were hazy layers of mountain range. Over the sound of karaoke, I nibbled on my kakanin, simultaneously laughing with friends and enjoying the view. Placid water. Speed unhurried. Light gorgeous and perfect. 
san rafael river adventure floating cottage
Photo courtesy of the North Philippines Visitors Bureau via Martin San Diego

As we lazed that afternoon across the Angat River, aboard a bamboo cottage towed by speedboats, I swore to never be jaded to the point that I could no longer enjoy a tranquil sunset such as this. For in the words of Rob Thomas: our lives are made in these small hours.

From Cubao, get on a bus to Baliwag and alight at the town proper. Travel time is about two hours and fare is around Php75. In the town proper, rent a tricycle to take you straight to the resort. It costs Php200, one way, good for four. 

San Rafael River Adventure Day Tour Rates start at Php3,000 for a Day Kubo Cottage, good for four. This is inclusive of use of kayak or paddle board or bamboo raft. Glamping Rates start at Php2,000 for two with infinity pool and floating pool access. Overnight tours start at Php3,500 for two (glamping). Check the full rates here

San Rafael River Adventure 
Barangay Talacsan, San Rafael, Bulacan, Philippines
+63 995 974 6224 / +63 917 924 4546 (Globe) / +63 919 295 9899 (Smart) / +63 939 474 8876 (Smart)
+63 2 513 1569
EMAIL: reservation@sanrafaelriveradventure.com teambuilding@sanrafaelriveradventure.com

What surprising things have you encountered in your travels?

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