New Year in Ho Chi Minh

Thursday, March 15, 2018

2018 new year bui vien
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Our stay in Saigon can be likened to a staycation. We just slept and ate. We did try to sight-see and go to a spot that Dennis wanted to photograph, but it turned out it had been barricaded. We'd tried going up the Saigon Skydeck but found the fees absurd. So, instead, we'd ended up experiencing the local transportation, which was, to be honest, a fun experience in itself. 

We'd also visited the night market, and had gotten shell-shocked and miffed at how aggressive the sellers were.
night market in ho chi minh

ben tanh market

I'd even stood before traffic, resulting in this amazing photograph:

But. mostly. we just ate. Even on New Year's Eve, we didn't bother signing up for the parties in Bui Vien's many bars. There was already a street party which we could attend for free.  
new year in saigon

However, we ended up not partying at all. We'd gone up and down once across Bui Vien, but that was it. We just bought beer from 7/11, some banh mi from our favorite stall, and stayed all night in our hotel
strongbow apple ciders

where to buy banh mi in saigon

You might think that was boring of us. But it felt right. We were fine listening to the faint thump of music inside the comforts of our room in Tuan Anh Hotel 168. We recalled our recent adventures and how awesome every single bit of it was. We'd walked the fabled streets of Melaka. We'd trekked to two volcanoes in Indonesia, visited a couple of its most famous temples. We'd learned about Batik, shopped in Beringharjo, and eaten to our heart's content here in Saigon

We were lucky to be here. Right here; sipping cheap beer and eating banh mi. We couldn't have it any other way. We were extremely grateful. It was an amazing way to start our married life. 

We were already cuddled up in bed when the fireworks started going off. We kissed each other happy new year and listened to the crack and boom. After a few minutes, it was already silent. 
bui vien new years eve

We both knew that wherever we will be, no matter the circumstances, as long as we were together, we will be happy. 

The fireworks and the music had died down, but our hearts were still aglow and full of songs.

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