Pretend Racing at Kart City Tarlac

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

kart city tarlac
Photo courtesy of the North Philippines Visitors Bureau via Martin San Diego

"So long, sucker!" I screamed as I smashed the pedal on my go-kart, the engine's roar slicing through the cold Tarlac night. A huge, goofy smile was plastered across my mouth. I was in first place and I felt a little smug. 

One more lap and I was going to win this.

As I expertly maneuvered a curve, I had a vague recollection of previously having done this before, but when I prodded, I couldn't pinpoint the exact when and where. It retreated as I reached for it so I let it go.

In any event, I always thought I've a knack for racing (or maybe I'm just unabashedly competitive). I was determined not to lose. 

Not that this was an actual race.

After a day of walking around the historic city of Malolos, and a quick afternoon stint at San Rafael River Adventure, we were whisked to a place I have been before: Kart City Tarlac.

A buffet of sinful dishes like crispy pata and barbecue greeted us. We filled our plates and proceeded to eat in one of the karaoke rooms. Later, with stuffed stomachs we shuffled to the racetrack, feeling the proverbial need for speed.
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The first time I was in Kart City Tarlac, now known as KCT, rain foiled the fun and we weren't able to try the go-karts. Fortunately, the second time, it was a cool, clear night perfect for burning rubber. 

Along with some of my companions, I awaited my turn. Go-karts started to form a row in the pitstop as other guests finished their turn. These machines were imported from Europe, we were told, and are regularly maintained. 

I took the second-in-row go-kart and, with a help of a KCT staff, familiarized myself with the controls. They were straightforward – an accelerator and a brake. Confident, I pumped the gas, keen on overtaking the one in front of me. 

On the third lap, I got too relaxed and lost the second place to one of my sneaky companions. I was shookt. 

I hit the pedal and roared, passing by the others who were there to just have some fun. What a bunch of noobs. 

On my fourth lap, I tailed one go-kart, trying to find an opening when, suddenly, it sharply swerved to the right. We almost collided but I was able to veer to the other side just in time. I knew he lost control. I was slowing down, intending to help if needed, but when I looked back, attendants were already approaching him. He was fine so I proceeded to winning.

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I was back in second place and the stakes almost became tangible, hovering above me like a cloud. I fired up the engine and then...

"So long, sucker!!!"

I sniggered, wasting no time. I put the pedal to the metal and finally found myself comfortably in first place.

I breathed a sigh of relief as a KCT staff waved us back to the pitstop. Our five minutes were up! Earlier, when I was reminded that it cost Php250 per person for a five-minute ride, I thought that's too short and expensive. Turns out, it was just right.

Amidst it all, I suddenly remembered why it felt like I've done this before. When I was a kid, I used to play Let's Go on the old-timey PlayStation. I was super good at it. So good in fact that my cousins often asked me to come over so I could beat a boss and unstuck their characters from a particularly difficult level. Even in childhood, I was a racing champ!

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Now back at the pitstop, my go-kart idled contentedly at the front row. I was a winner. It didn't matter that it wasn't a real race. 

I get validation from wherever I can. 
Photo courtesy of the North Philippines Visitors Bureau via Martin San Diego

If you're like me who's in it to win it, KCT is currently undergoing improvements that include equipping the go-karts with RFID tags as well as installing a scoreboard. Soon, everyone will know that you are a racing champion. Just like me. 

'Til then, get your racing act together!

just across SM City Tarlac
Mondays to Fridays - 3PM to 2AM; Saturdays and Sundays - 10AM to 2AM

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