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Saturday, March 31, 2018

edl farmhouse tarlac
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After discovering the surprisingly varied offerings of Tarlac, stuffed to the gills with barbecue and bonete, We proceeded to the town of Capas

It was a special day, for a super blue blood moon hung over the clear night sky, and I couldn't wait to lie down.

I stepped out of the bus and followed my companions to the wide clearing – a garden of some sort. To my left was a tall white building. On my right was what looked like a bar. Right next to it is a pair of pools. In the middle of the garden is a gnarled tree, festooned by yellow orbs that were like miniature moons.
edl farmhouse at night

At that moment, I thought "I thought we were going to a farm?"

That particular spot, especially in the evening, made EDL Farm looked more like a wealthy person's backyard than a farm. But then again, you'd have to be wealthy to own a farm. 

In any event, after a whole lot of scuttling, we were finally handed our room key, so up we went the tall white building, eager to be rid of our things.

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There were three of us in the room, but there was only one large bed. We were provided with a couple of extra mattresses though. We fit, but there was hardly any space to move around. It wasn't really a problem – what do we need space here for when there's a huge garden outside?
the farmhouse by edl room

the farmhouse by edl room

We had our own bathroom and there were large glass windows (I love windows). When we were settled, I chose to lie down but seeing that it was still early, I eventually decided to come check out the garden.
edl farm capas room

For EDL Farm room rates, check here.

The garden was perfect for a full moon party. Trust me, because that was exactly what we did. One of my companions happened to be lugging around a legitimate DJ-ing system. Couple this with EDL Farm's well-stocked bar and we were dancing and cartwheeling in no time. 
edl farmhouse capas
Photo courtesy of the North Philippines Visitors Bureau via Martin San Diego

the farmhouse by edl

Despite the happenings, I managed to turn in before midnight, which was great since we had an early call time. 

The next day, we gathered around the garden for some breakfast. And this was when I realized that oh yeah – it is a farm. The food served was literally farm-to-table. I especially loved the fresh cow's milk. 

We idled by the garden, laughing about last night, but not for long. After some time, we were rounded up for a farm tour.

Aboard a carabao-drawn rickshaw, we traversed the massive property. Our first stop was a demo on how they make their natural fertilizer, followed by a tour of the herb and vegetable gardens. We checked out their aqua- and hydro-ponic facilities next. Then, we visited the free-range chicken coops, the egg-hatchery, then learned how to make salted eggs. Our final stop was the cattle farm where we got to see cute pigs and try cow-milking
farm tours in tarlac

organic farms in tarlac

the farmhouse by edl organic
Photo courtesy of the North Philippines Visitors Bureau via Martin San Diego

salted eggs in tarlac

buy salted egg in bulk tarlac

farm tours in capas tarlac

organic pigs in tarlac

These were the only activities we tried, but EDL Farmhouse has many more offerings. There's glamping, retreats, and teambuilding. They also organize cultural tours, and treks to nearby Mt. Pinatubo. You can even hold weddings, birthdays, and reunions in the farm. Oh, and, yeah, you can swim in the pools. 
edl farmhouse pools

The farm also has lots of organic products for sale. Herbs and seedlings can also be purchased here. You can even order loads of salted eggs!

EDL Farm's team of tour guides and demonstrators is knowledgeable and approachable. They are very patient with our questions and our requests. It also should be noted that the place is a DOT-accredited agritourism destination so you can expect top-notch service and facilities.

I really did have a great time at EDL Farm. That Super Blue Blood Moon Party was one of my most favorite memories. Plus, I got to learn more about organic farming – I plan to have my very own backyard farm someday and grow my own food. A trip to places like this is always fun for me.

   via Private Transport
Take Concepcion Exit in SCTEX then turn left after toll gate. Then, take u-turn or pass through Caltex in Capas Junction. Once you see the Brgy. Dolores Welcome Arch near the Dolores Tricycle Terminal, turn left. The farm entrance is located between the boundary of Brgy. Mangga and Brgy. Dolores. 

You can also find EDL Farm on Waze. 

   via Public Transport 
From Cubao and Monumento
Take a Victory Liner bus going to Dagupan - Baguio. Alight at "Kanto Dolores" in Capas, Tarlac. Then, take a five-minute tricycle ride to the Farmhouse by EDL. Five Star, and Solid North in Cubao also has buses bound for Dagupan - Baguio. 

The Farmhouse by EDL
EDL Drive, Sitio Nueve, Brgy. Dolores Capas, Tarlac
Look for Mr. Edgar Dueñas
+63 917 709 6908
+63 45 206 3345

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