Christmas Morning in Borobudur

Saturday, March 03, 2018

christmas at borobudur

By 3AM, we were already at the foot of the greatest Buddhist temple in the world.

It all felt so familiar. The flashlights. The steep climb up the stone steps. The thrill. Here I was again, on the age-old stones of Borobudur, waiting for sunrise – with my husband this time.

I watched as the handful of people blossomed to a veritable crowd, all tuning in to the east. Soon, there was a soft blue light that grew quickly into a glittering golden dawn. Bright and warm and beautiful.

Some experiences are worth repeating. This was one of such.

Merry Christmas.
buddhist temples in the world

where is borobudur

monks in borobudur

borobudur sunrise stupas

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