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Wednesday, February 07, 2018

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For our overnight trip to Melaka, we wanted to stay near the river because it's such a strategic location. After searching through Traveloka, I've found this hostel called Sayang Sayang Hostel.

Located in the city center, Sayang Sayang sits right by the Melaka River and is just a few steps from Jonker Walk. It's also very near this oft-photographed Melaka mural. I loved how everything seems within reach from here. It's a good homebase if you're not particularly picky.

We booked a Standard Double Room via Traveloka for Php641.58/night. The room is good for two and a loft-type – the bed on the loft and a sitting space below.
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It was very small. And there were no windows. (Windows: They're a big deal for me.) However, the sitting area was enough to accommodate our bags. There's also a mirror and some coat hangers. There was space to move around. Although we had to angle ourselves to not bump into each other.

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The bed-loft was too low and only allowed a sitting position. But the bed itself was comfortable and smelled clean. The lights only go on below and there was only a night lamp in the loft. The air-conditioning was working well.
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I understood why the guests had to share bathrooms. In all fairness, I didn't experience having to line up for the restroom. There were four, plus three separate sinks for brushing one's teeth. But it proved to be a struggle when I had to get up in the middle of the night to pee – our room was on one end and the restrooms were on the other. I had to run across the hallway, praying I don't bump into anyone – alive or dead.

Check rates on here.

The lady over at the reception, while didn't allow us to check in earlier than 2PM, was consistently helpful. Giving us directions to places, and being overall cordial. I wished there was free water refill though.

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Despite the cramped room and the lack of windows, I enjoyed my stay at Sayang Sayang. I love its location, and the novelty of having a loft in such a tiny space. It's really cheap, too. Would recommend.

Sayang Sayang Hostel @ Riverside
No. 16 Jalan Kampung Hulu, Melaka City Center, Melaka City, Melaka State, Malaysia

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