Melaka Foodserye | First Taste of Melaka at the River View Cafe

Friday, February 09, 2018

where to eat in melaka

Sore from spending the night in the KLIA, and from the two-hour bus ride to Melaka, Dennis and I wanted nothing more than to lie down. Unfortunately, our hostel refused to accept us earlier than our check-in time so we hauled our bags and instead looked for something to eat.

Grumpy from being tired, I nudged Dennis towards this hole-in-the-wall restaurant called River View Cafe.

The Trip Advisor seal sort of reassured me so I had, well, relatively high hopes. Stepping into the restaurant, Bob Marley was playing softly in the speakers. Kitschy decor adorned the walls, including a Star Wars poster. We sat right in front of the counter, but there were more chairs on the other room, and of course, outside, by the river.
where to eat in melaka

star wars cafe melaka

river view cafe melaka review

The place was nice but there were hundreds of cafes like this in Manila. It was nothing unique – although, this could be my hanger talking. Nevertheless, Dennis and I were ready to sample the local fanfare.

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I was told that Malaysian cuisine is similar to Indonesian, and let me be honest: as much as I love Indonesia, I don't like the food. So in spite of the "high hopes" I had, I was already harboring doubts even before I went through the door.

At any rate, we ordered the Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang (16 MYR, about Php212), and the Rice with Chicken Curry (10 MYR, about Php133). OK, you guys, I loved the beef, it was incredibly tender, but the rendang sauce got a bit too much after the first few bites. It was grainy for some reason. Caldereta all the way! #sorrynotsorry
river side cafe melaka menu

river side cafe melaka menu

river side cafe melaka menu

The nasi lemak (rice with coconut milk) was flavorful, though. I liked it. It tasted very tropical. The chicken curry was bland, which I found odd since I was expecting it to be spicy.

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In all fairness, the service at the cafe was excellent. I guess, in that area, they deserved the Trip Advisor seal. Serving time was reasonable. Drinking water was available for free. And the toilet was really clean.

Honestly, I wanted to get burgers (they serve Western dishes, too) but I figured I might as well give the local food a try. In fairness to me, I finished everything. But that doesn't necessarily mean I was happy with the meal. I was actually disappointed, and still hungry.

I also thought the price was too expensive for something so meh. In any event, the food here set the bar so low that everything else that followed was such a delight. So, you know, still a winner.

River View Cafe
80 & 82, Jalan Kampung Pantai, Melaka, Malaysia
+60 12 380 7211
Monday to Sunday except Tuesday - 10AM to 10PM; closed on Tuesdays

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