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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

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Melaka had made such a wonderful impression that I was starting to regret allotting only a day here. Last night's jaunt over at Jonker Walk was fun and filling but it still left me wanting.

The next day, right before we left for the airport, I consulted Lakad Pilipinas' food guide and thought Roti John could be a good breakfast option. And so, with the help from Google Maps, we walked all the way to the stall only to find it closed.

Fortunately, right next door is Restoran Ilmali. A mamak stall that serves Malaysian Indian dishes.

Restoran Ilmali looks like a dingy carinderia, with rough-looking men as patrons. The servers are brooding, and the place looks disorganized. The tables and chairs are the tacky plastic kind. Its mantles faded and ragged. The window is a rectangular hole that ran the length of one wall. The highway so near, the clamor of traffic becomes background music.
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Do not be turned off by what you see, however. Despite the ratty facade, the place isn't intimidating. Plus, the food is not only delicious but also cheap.

A hearty serving of mee goreng is only 4 MYR (about Php53). Same with nasi goreng. Ais Kopi (iced coffee) is just 1.6 MYR (about Php22).
where to eat mee goreng in melaka

where to eat nasi goreng in melaka

where to find ais kopi melaka

It tasted authentic and home-cooked. We've had several mee and nasi goreng all throughout our SEA trip but the ones here easily gets the top spot.

Restoran Ilmali is nothing fancy and service is as you'd expect from such a place. The food may look dodgy on tacky plasticware, but they tasted great. Serving time is reasonable. The servers speak little English but are very patient.

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This place is the definition of budget-friendly. I also loved that the taste seemed like it has not been adjusted to suit tourists. It's also nice to dine with locals even though they couldn't care less about us. You know what they say: go where the locals eat. It never fails. Trust me.

Restoran Ilmali
Jalan Tung Sri Nalang, Kampung Durian Darun, Bukit Cina, Melaka, Malaysia
Mondays to Saturdays - 6AM to 10AM

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