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Sunday, February 11, 2018

jonker food trip
After hours of hanging around by the Melaka River, we were finally able to check in at our hostel. After taking a quick nap, we rented a couple of bicycles and set out to look for a money changer. It proved to be quite a challenge since it was a Sunday and it was already a bit late. Fortunately, after asking around, we were pointed to the mall where we got a not-so-bad rate for our dollars. With ringgit finally on hand, we started exploring.

We found ourselves on one end of Jonker Walk. It was around 5PM and the street vendors were starting to set up. Since it was still early for the weekend night market, we decided to explore the back alleys. When it started to get dark, we ditched our bicycles and went on foot.

It was a Saturday and Jonker Walk was alive with activity. The people came in swarms and the street was flanked with rows of stalls selling everything from souvenirs to snacks.
where to buy souvenirs in melaka

jonker walk night market

jonker walk night market

It was a good thing that Sayang-sayang Hostel was just a few steps from here, so getting to and fro was really easy.

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Dennis and I are big eaters and we love sampling things. We go by our guts and by what looks yummy. The problem was everything on sale at Jonker Walk looked inviting. Luckily, everything was also affordable.
jonker walk at night

malaysian exotic food

First, we had a couple of Chinese Burger in ham and chicken floss (3 MYR each, about Php40). It was like a breakfast sandwich and I loved it. I slathered some hot sauce and it was very filling.
chinese burger jonker walk

Barely finished with our Chinese Burger, we swerved to our right and happened upon a stall that sells chicken nuggets. It was served on top of a drinking cup for convenience. We opted for a Tom yum chicken with rootbeer (8 MYR, about Php107).
jonker walk food trip

Squeezing our way through the crowd, we headed to the last stall in one end of Jonker Walk. Earlier, during our bicycle round, we spotted these yummy-looking coconut ice cream. Dennis loves coconut, so we did not miss out on getting some. It turned out to be coconut water topped with coconut ice cream (4 MYR, about Pphp54) and it was refreshing.
coconut ice cream jonker walk

After watching a couple of coconut ice cream vendors juggling coconut husks, we braced ourselves and went back into the people current, to the opposite direction.
jonker walk street performers

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Halfway through the other end, shiny bits of fruits on a stick caught my eye. It was fruit coated with toffee (4 MYR, about Php54). It had grapes, kiwi, and orange. I loved it! The best kind of sweet. There's also the chocolate-covered variety, but I decided to forego it for the toffee.
what to eat in jonker walk

Towards the other end of the street, I found a stall with a whole spread of dried flowers and leaves. I reckon it was for tea-brewing. It smelled wonderful. I wanted to get something, but I feared I wouldn't know what to do with them – I needed more research. Instead, I pulled Dennis across the stall, to a man rattling a huge metal vat filled with what seemed to be bamboo sticks. The sign read: popsicles. Seeing that it was only 1 MYR (about Php13), we got two: one strawberry, and one chocolate. They were fine – tasted like Magnolia's Twin Popsies.
tea shop jonker walk

food trip in melaka

Our feet slightly aching, we proceeded to detour to one of the walk's arteries and avoid the main thoroughfare. Here, there were more food stalls. And there were lots of roadside seating, too. There were also these bizarre-looking grub called bamboo chawan mushi, which appeared to be some kind of steamed squid. As a sort of "night cap", we got some "Big Boss Fries" (10 MYR, about Php133). To be honest, it tasted nothing like potato fries. It was like bread, sort of like churros but salty. I remember not being too happy with it.
jonker walk night market weekend

where to eat in melaka

bamboo chawan mushi jonker walk

big boss fries jonker walk

A visit to Melaka would not be complete without participating in the nightly brouhaha of Jonker Walk. It's a great way to mingle with the locals and to sample homegrown flavors. The crowd and the sheer number of options may overwhelm you, but I believe, that was the point.

And if you're not into crowds, a daytime stroll would also be delightful as Jonker Walk is flanked on both sides by heritage house and antique shops. 

Jonker Walk
Jalan Hang Jebat, Melaka, Malaysia
Night Market: Friday to Sunday 6:00PM to 10:00PM 

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