DIY Guide to Tumalog Falls

Thursday, February 01, 2018

diy guide to tumalog falls
Background photo courtesy of Louise Santiano

During our stay in Bluewater Sumilon, we were treated to a day of roaming around the town of Oslob and its neighboring towns. I’ve developed an aversion to Oslob because of the town’s unsustainable practices in with regards to its unfortunately popular whale shark-watching. (If you want to see the gentle giants, I beg you: please go to Donsol instead.) Well, the original itinerary included this activity but I put my foot down and said I would not participate in it. Thankfully, the idea was scrapped and we went chasing waterfalls instead.

Along with the multilevel falls that is Aguinid, Tumalog was another one of our stops.

Located about two hours from Cebu City (quicker if you enter from Sumilon Island), Tumalog Falls is a soaring cascade – perhaps the tallest I’ve ever seen. Like a gossamer veil concealing a bride’s countenance, it tumbles delicately over a rocky facade. It then hits a covey of boulders with such zeal it produces a corona of mist – enough to disperse sunlight into a miniature rainbow.
diy guide to tumalog falls cebu

The pool in which the water gathers is chest-deep, and has a floor that my feet tell me is paved. The water is a cool aqua blue, opaque from bathers’ movements. The edge of the pool continues into a ledge, feeding another basin below. This ledge is perpetually swarmed by tourists, for it’s a great spot to take a photo.
waterfalls in cebu

Tumalog Falls is one of those natural attractions that are easily accessed. Because of this, there are significantly more people here compared to Aguinid Falls. The path that leads to here is cemented and can be entered by vehicles – although at a certain point, only habal-habal are allowed. Guests may choose to walk the rest of the way, but be forewarned: the road is absurdly steep.

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In Cebu City, head to the South Cebu Bus Terminal and take a bus bound for Oslob. Tell the driver to drop you off at the jump-off to Tumalog Falls. Here, there are habal-habal that can be rented, but, again, you may choose to go slow and trek.

Allow me to also mention that should you choose to stay at Bluewater Sumilon, they’d be happy to assist you in this adventure. They also arrange tours to nearby destinations.

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But first, the Leave No Trace Principles:

- The earliest bus form Cebu City to Oslob is at 2AM. Bus leaves every hour.
- The attraction is open as early as 7AM
- Pets are not allowed in the pools
- There are designated areas for cooking and eating
- There are stores near the jump-off
- There is plenty of parking space

(per person unless otherwise stated)
Bus Fare (Cebu City vv Oslob – Php155 x 2) = Php310
Habal-habal Fare (Jump-off to Registration Area – Php50 x 2) = Php100, roundtrip, good for two
Registration Fee – Php20
Recommended budget per person inclusive of incidentals = Php700
What other waterfalls can be found in Cebu?

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