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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Buoyed from our experience at the Bataan Technology Park in Morong, we headed west towards the next town of Pilar for lunch. It was almost 2PM when we got to our destination, and we worried that the place had already closed for the day – it looked like nobody was in there. 

Turns out, the sun was just really bright that day and was reflecting off of the glass windows, thus we couldn’t see inside. I know, right? It happens to the best of us.

At any rate, Marres Kitchen got its name from an amalgamation of the names of the owner’s mother and aunt, if I’m not mistaken. I’d tell you what their names are but, alas, time had stolen that piece of information. Maria, and Lourdes, perhaps? Marie, and Dolores? I don’t know. If you happen to know, please holler in the comments. On a different but related note, did you know there’s also a Marres Kitchen in the Netherlands? I wonder  if this Marres had also come about from a combination of the names of two wonderful women.

In any event, the moment we stepped into Marres Kitchen, I was immediately impressed. The interiors were homey and modern at the same time: long wooden tables, white walls, minimalist décor – it was like a hipster’s dream. And I mean that without irony. I guess I should’ve expected that from the country house facade of green, white, and brown. It was rather small, but that only adds to the coziness of it all. Besides, there’s more seating at the backyard which overlooks a rice paddy.
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What I especially loved about Marres is how bright and un-stuffy the place feels – even with limited space, it managed not to look cramped. I chalk this up to the number of glass windows that bring in so much natural light. (If you’ve been here long enough, you’ll know how big of a deal sunlight and windows are for me).
marres kitchen bataan

marres kitchen bataan

marres kitchen bataan

Streamlined is probably not the first word to come to mind when describing a restaurant, but Marres, to me, feels that way. Everything looked clean and organized. Its tabletops are like where all great food flatlays are made. I like that – makes the job easy.

I must admit that by the time we were in Marres, my stomach was growling. So, as soon as the first of the plates landed on our table, I swooped in for the kill. The first casualty was the Cordon Bleu (Php120). It’s been quite a while since I had a proper cordon bleu and Marres’ take was a good way to be reintroduced to its flavors. The sauce that came with it made everything come together.
marres kitchen pilar bataan

Now, that was the only lucid memory I had of the food. After that, all was a blur. I just grabbed everything I can get my hands on. There was the sinigang na bulalo (Php400, good for 4), sinigang sa miso (Php300, good for 3), lechon kawali (Php120), strips of liempo (Php110 each), binagoongang lechon kawali (Php110), and lumpiang sariwa (Php90).
marres kitchen bataan menu

marres kitchen bataan menu

marres kitchen bataan menu

marres kitchen bataan menu

I had a bit of everything save for the binagoongan (allergic), and lumpiang sariwa (lumpiang sariwa/lumpiang togi trust issue) and I enjoyed the meal. These are all Filipino favorites and you can never really go wrong with that. I’m always down for pork. Not even a severe case of acne and Okja can change that.

Oh, and we had rice of course (Php20 per cup), and fresh cucumber juice (Php110/pitcher).

For dessert, we each had a glorious halo-halo (Php90) – perfect for a hot day!
marres kitchen bataan menu

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Marres Kitchen is like a posh turo-turo. The menu changes slightly everyday and the available dishes are displayed behind a glass counter. I asked for a written menu, but they didn’t have any so we ended up badgering the staff how much the food we were eating was. They were very gracious about it, though. My only comment would be to make use of the chalkboard at the counter and write down the dishes along with their prices. Well, maybe they do this, but when we visited, there was just a bunch of the day’s special listed in there sans price. 
marres kitchen bataan review

marres kitchen bataan review

Marres Kitchen might be one of, if not the most, expensive of the food places that I’ve tried in the province, but it’s still comparatively cheaper than restaurants of the same ilk in Manila. Aside from the petty concern regarding menu display, I’m very happy with our dining experience.

Parking: Yes, ample
Mode of Payment: Cash

Marres Kitchen
Gov. J.J. Linao National Road, Pilar, Bataan
Mondays to Sundays, 9AM to 9PM
+63 4 761 22042

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