Lazy Days in Coron

Monday, January 08, 2018

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Intending to take photos of our home in the island – Sophia's Garden – while the other guests were still asleep, I got up early on my second day in Coron. I went around the area and got to work. After a while, I paused to do a quick scan of my shots on my camera. Satisfied, I proceeded to Il Comidor for breakfast, but remembered we'd be having a packed meal. So, I went back to my room and got the rest of my things and waited for my companions.

Not long after, we settled on a van, ready for the day's adventure.

The sky was a metallic gray that Sunday. The downpour had let up but the air was heavy with the smell of rain. There were some pretty exciting activities lined up for us, but I felt low on energy. The bleary weather was taking its toll.

We were heading to a pier, I was told, to Calauit National Park. On the way, it started raining, and by the time we arrived at the quay, we were squeezing ourselves under umbrellas as we headed to a nearby shed. Under its relative safety, we waited for our boat. To pass the time, we decided to have our breakfast. I halfheartedly went through the tapsilog, the fried egg so runny I just fed it to the stray dogs.

After a moment, we ambled towards our boat. There was no rain now and our worry that the sea might be unruly dissipated. We could only see a few feet ahead but the water was placid.

As we made ourselves comfortable, the sun started peaking behind the metal clouds. For a moment, it was warm. The water sparkling. But it was short-lived, for as soon as we docked, it started drizzling again.

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We ran towards the park's receiving area and paid the entrance fees. We were also oriented on the park's rules and regulations. Then, despite the slight shower, we began our walking tour.

Calauit Safari Park is a savanna that's known for its population of African animals. Zebras, giraffes, and antelopes roam freely in the expansive game reserve. The creatures came to live in the island in the 70s, in response to Kenya's request to help preserve their local wildlife that's been suffering from war and drought. The area, too, is home to some indigenous species like the Calamian deer, and Palawan beercats.
calauit national park

It was a little surreal seeing long-legged animals strutting across the fields nonchalantly. My spirits were dampened, however, when I saw some of the native animals – wild pigs, cobras, monkeys, tortoise – in cages. Of course, I understood that letting them out could be detrimental to the conservation efforts, but I thought shouldn't these creatures deserve to be out in the wild (or a reasonable facsimile) too?

I was inattentive the rest of the tour, only perking up a bit during the giraffe-feeding where we got to see the creatures up close. But then, after a while, I just decided to spend most of the time on a swing while my companions handed leafy branches to the giraffes.

All throughout the tour, it was drizzling, and it distracted me from actually seeing the place. When it was finally time to go back, I stayed in the back of the group. I admitted I loved how vast the place was. I thought how much lovelier it would look on a bright, clear day.

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There were tall trees that looked like baobabs, and the savanna was bordered by coppices. If you listen closely, you could hear the sea. I might come back someday, and I hope the weather's better by then.
what to do in coron

We went back to the mainland after this jaunt. We were supposed to go island-hopping, but then the sky unraveled and battered us with sheets of rain. When we got to another dock where the island-hopping began, we couldn't see past the shore. The heavy rain was churning mist, concealing most of our surrounding. I couldn't believe some of us were thinking to push on with the plan. I would not go in that boat. Eventually, and rightfully so, the plan to go out at sea was scrapped, and we headed back to Sophia's Garden.

I couldn't tell you how happy I was at that turn of events. I dashed to my cozy room as soon as we finished lunch, and napped until it was almost dark.

I like it when I get to have lazy days while on the road. Don't you?

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