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Sunday, January 28, 2018

bluewater sumilon review

On the first days of December, I was so excited to know I'd be flying to Dumaguete for work. But then it was added it was the people over at Bluewater Sumilon who invited us. I was like, "Sumilon? Isn't that in Cebu?"

Turns out, it's a lot quicker to enter via Dumaguete instead of driving all the way from Mactan – I didn't know this! From Dumaguete, all we had to do was take a quick boat ride and there we were on the island! Cool!

In any event, we came to the island to take part in the Sumilon leg of the resort's annual holiday special called "Pasko Sa Bluewater". It was a series of grand feasts featuring incredible food from the legendary Lechon Diva. You can read about that experience in this post.

In this entry, however, we'll put the resort front and center and take a look at what it offers.

Bluewater Sumilon is the sole resort in its namesake island. When you stay here, you'd get access to beautiful beaches that lead to sparkling ultramarine waters teeming with life. The island's edges are frequented by timid black-tipped sharks and you'd get to swim with them if you decide to go snorkeling.
sumilon island

The island also has limestone hills that are perfect for sunset/sunrise-watching. On top of that, there's also the brackish inland lake with emerald waters that, when viewed from a higher vantage, looks incredible side by side with the ocean blue.

sumilon island lake

The location's pretty off-the-grid, and you'd get the island vibe going on. But you need not worry as, despite this, there's stable Wi-Fi here.

The resort's also just a few hours from popular Cebu destinations such as Aguinid Falls – a watercourse that boasts a series of marvelous cascades. There's also  Tumalog Falls – a towering curtain in Oslob. You can easily visit these attractions as the resort also offers hassle-free tour packages.

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(For the best discounted room rates, check here.)
Bluewater Sumilon offers four kinds of rooms. I was billeted in a Deluxe Room – a well-appointed two-bedroom hut with a private veranda. It's just a few steps from the sea and at night the waves would sing you a lullaby. They said the villas over at the island's cliffs got the best location, but I disagree. The view (and the sound) from my room was just perfect.
bluewater sumilon room review

bluewater sumilon rooms

bluewater sumilon room review

bluewater sumilon rooms

bluewater sumilon rooms

bluewater sumilon deluxe room

bluewater sumilon review

Even when we got to see a One-Bedroom Villa up close, I didn't change my mind. It might have its own dipping pool and a small garden, but my room by the sea still had my heart.
bluewater sumilon villa

bluewater sumilon villa review

What more could I hope for? I was waking up greeted by seabreeze and brine-infused sunlight. My doors were glass. I could let as much wonderful light as I want. I could even leave them open so I could smell the ocean. I loved my room so much. It was one of my favorites. It reminded me of my Northern Samar nights (will tell you all about it later).

At any rate, if you want a seaside room but prefer something more posh, there's the Premier Deluxe Room. The two queen beds literally face the sea (as opposed to the Deluxe where the bed are positioned parallel to the water), and it's the only other room I'd want to stay in.

For bigger groups, there's the Family Villa which has the same amenities as the one-bedroom one, except that it has one king bed in addition to the two queen ones.

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You have to remember that Bluewater Sumilon is on an island. It's got that charming remoteness that comes with being separated from the rest of Cebu, but it somehow doesn't feel like it because of the luxurious amenities.

To start off is the amazing, amazing, food. If you ask me what's the best time to go to Bluewater Sumilon, I will say December. When Pasko Sa Bluewater is on its run. I kid you not, the food is divine. It's the best way to kick off the holiday spirit. Plus, if you're lucky, you'd get to indulge in all the lechon you want!
black truffle lechon

Oh, and you must have a Bluewater afternoon tea party, which I'm petitioning to be renamed "sikwate soiree", because the local hot cocoa is just soooooo good. It was so good, I wrote a separate article about it. That sikwate still haunts me to this day. Ugh.
bluewater sumilon tea party

Then, of course, there's the stretch of ocean. My fellow Tito Pete's Angels, Gabby and Louise, and I loved ending our day bathing at the sandbar, starting off snorkeling then settling to watch the moon rise, imagining ourselves as mermaids. The way the sun reflects at the pristine waters as it sets is just delicious. Gold. Magenta. Indigo.
sumilon island beach

We've also taken to waking up when it's still dark, taking one of the island's hiking trails to watch the sunrise. We request for sandwiches so we'd have something to munch on. We still get a pretty huge appetite even so. Breakfast was even more enjoyable because of this.
sumilon island trekking

The hiking trails are clearly marked and very safe. There are railings when necessary. I highly recommend this activity. Do inform the hotel staff and ask for flashlights just to be safe. Oh, you can also rent bicycles as there are also biking trails here. Snorkeling gears can also be rented at the dive shop.
sumilon island trekking

sumilon island biking trails

Remember the lake? You can go kayaking in there. If you have a stand-up paddle board, you can do it there too. That's my other wish for Bluewater – hop on the SUP.
sumilon kayaking

Oh and of course, there's the Amuma Spa. I was practically in there every night when I stayed at Bluewater Maribago and I love every moment of it. I didn't get to try it this time, for the music of the ocean had been enough, but I'm sure it would still be a delight.

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There's also the hot tubs and the infinity pool, which has this stunning view of the sea and mainland Cebu. But, really, why go there,  when you can have saltwater?

I must also mention how nice the dinners are. Our first night it was by the garden and I loved how chill and laidback it was. The playlist was spot on and the undertones of crashing waves made it even better. The next night, we dined by the beach. Illuminated by string lamps, making the set-up look like a good ol' clam bake. The moon was bright too, so it was pretty dope. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is the meals in Bluewater are as exciting as the other fun, adventure-filled things you can do in the island. Because, come on, food is life.

Hands down, Bluewater Sumilon's greatest feature is the staff. Everyone was just so helpful and thoughtful. In fact, the good people there surprised me and Louise with cakes (her birthday's coming up, I was getting married) which was really, really sweet. Everybody was really patient with us and did their best to accommodate our requests.
bluewater sumilon review

I don't know. For once in my life, I've finally understood why people are willing to pay good money for an experience like this. Staying at Bluewater was a great way to kick off my December. I would definitely want to go back and bring my husband. He'd love it there.

Bluewater Sumilon
Sumilon Island, Oslob, Cebu 6025
+6332 318 9098
+63917 631 7512 or +63998 964 1879

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