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Thursday, December 21, 2017

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I've already been on the road for a week prior to me flying to Coron, but I haven't been to this side of Palawan so I was still quite excited. Additionally, we were flying via Sky Jet. It was my first time to ride one of their 90-seater BAE-146 which is, interestingly, manufactured in the United Kingdom by British Aerospace. It only took us 30 minutes to get to Busuanga Coron Airport! It was a comfortable and quick flight! Unfortunately, the insane weather foiled our plans and we ended up spending most of our time staying in. Luckily, Sophia's Garden hosted us.

Named after the owners' granddaughter, Sophia's Garden Resort is a 5,000-square-meter property located about an hour from the Busuanga airport. It follows an "old Spanish" style, and boasts comfortable rooms amidst what is basically a large garden.

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I was able to stay in a Deluxe Room. It has two beds and has a veranda. The bathroom is spacious and I loved how there's a huge mirror right across from it – perfect for checking out your OOTD.
sophia's garden room

sophia's garden palawan

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The room itself utilizes the space intelligently. There is just enough room to move around, even ample space to do some basic floor exercises (trust me on this, I did exactly this).
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top hotels in coron

best hotels in coron palawan

The bed was so comfortable, I inadvertently fell asleep when I was just supposed to wait for a call from my companions. I ended being left behind when they went out for a city tour. (They came back for me, no worries.)

I also loved the toiletries. They smelled like lemongrass. The shampoo wasn't too harsh on the hair – I notice things like this now ever since I switched to natural beauty products. I took home a bunch of their lotion because it smelled so nice.
sophia's garden rooms

What I love Sophia's Garden is how it actually is a garden. The prevailing color here is green and I loved how the structures blend beautifully with the landscape. The Spanish-style buildings are classy and not at all intimidating. It doesn't have the somewhat sterile vibe of modern hotels.
best hotels in coron palawan

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sophias garden resort coron

sophias garden resort coron

I especially adore the El Comidor restaurant as it looked like it came straight out of Noli Me Tangere. Multicolored glass windows, beautiful wooden furniture, high ceiling – it was simply gorgeous. The food here, too, is superb.
sophias garden restaurant

sophias garden resort restaurant

sophias garden in house restaurant

el comidor coron palawan
The resort also has a lighted pool and jacuzzi that changes color. We spent many an hour dipped in here. There's also a souvenir shop right at the entrance.
coron accommodations with pool

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Even though our original itinerary did not pan out, I still enjoyed my time in Coron all thanks to the pampering I've gotten from Sophia's Garden. Everyone is just simply down to cater to your every need.

The resort also offers tour packages for a hassle-free trip across the island. It includes an air-conditioned van, a tour guide, and lunch. The tour can also be customized based on your preference.

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You can also DIY a trip to the city proper as it's just ten minutes away from the resort. You can have a quick run as well around the huge property.

Your meals at the resort can also come in a variety of setup. For example, you can opt to have a special "boodle fight" spread which is highly recommended. Food tastes better when eaten with your bare hands.
filipino boodle fight

I can say that I was able to fully maximize my stay over at Sophia's Garden and I'm really, really satisfied. I may not have seen the famed Kayangan Lake because of the drizzly weather, but the unexpected staycation was exactly what I needed after a week of roughing it out. Sophia's Garden didn't make me feel like I missed out on Coron. I honest-to-goodness enjoyed taking it slow and just relaxing at this beautiful garden resort.

Sophia's Garden Resort
Sitio Jolo, Brgy. Poblacion 5, Coron, Palawan
+63 917 543 5775, +63 939 915 0274

Have you been to Coron? What's the best thing to do there?

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