Pasko Sa Bluewater: All the Best Things About Filipino Christmas

Friday, December 15, 2017

pasko sa bluewater sumilon

Nothing can compare to holidays in the Philippines – cheerful company, the merry atmosphere, and the ever excellent food. Taking this into account, Bluewater Resorts decided to put the Filipino holiday spirit front and center.

"Pasko Sa Bluewater" is a dining experience that showcases the best the country has to offer in terms of food. The series of feasts began in Bluewater Panglao before heading to Bluewater Maribago then finally to Bluewater Sumilon. I was fortunate enough to partake in the last leg of the fiesta.

Enlisting the help of the acclaimed Lechon Diva herself, Ms. Dedet Dela Fuente of Pepita's Kitchen, Bluewater Sumilon kicked off its installment of #PaskoSaBluewater with a sumptuous lunch. The highlight? Why, lechon belly of course!
pasko sa bluewater menu

pasko sa bluewater lechon diva

pasko sa bluewater menu

bluewater sumilon event

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Perched on bamboo poles and surrounded by an array of equally mouthwatering dishes – stuffed crab, ensaladang mangga, etc. – the lechon belly glistened. As it was being chopped, I couldn't help but snatch a piece of the glazed skin. I took a bite and crack! Crispy and oh so delicious! The meat was incredibly flavorful, too. I basically inhaled a heap of it.
lechon belly cebu

At night, the fiesta continued. We dined al fresco in the garden. The sound of crashing waves wafting just over the feel-good music. The Lechon Diva's signature dish – the decadent Truffle Rice Stuffed Lechon – was the main star, and it was a hit. I left to get a veggie burger and when I came back, it was almost gone. Despite the laidback setup, that truffle-infused pig made the meal an opulent one.
lechon diva truffle rice

The next day, we, again, had stuffed lechon. And this time, it was filled with binagoongan rice. The Lechon Diva, as she hacked through the roast pig, shared that this was her first "experiment". The first lechon innovation that started it all. It was also super yummy, but after you had truffle lechon, honestly, everything else is just meh. The latter might've inadvertently ruined lechon for me. I wouldn't be able to enjoy regular lechon like before. Damn it, Lechon Diva! And curse you, Bluewater Sumilon for feeding me such an indulgent take on a Pinoy favorite. Hnnggg.
pasko sa bluewater sumilon

pasko sa bluewater sumilon 2017

Kidding aside, Bluewater has always been a stalwart when it comes to promoting Filipino culture. Pasko Sa Bluewater is just another way the resort celebrates its roots, bringing in only the best for its guests.

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And true to the spirit of Christmas, Pasko Sa Bluewater is made more meaningful because it's being done for the benefit of selected charities. For Sumilon, it's Project: Wheelchair – a movement that provides wheelchairs to persons with disabilities who can't afford it.

Like I said, Christmas in the Philippines is like no other. Here, we go big or we go home. (Where else can you celebrate the holidays as early as September?) Pasko Sa Bluewater highlights all the great things about Pinoy Christmas – unbelievably good food, and the joy of sharing one's blessings. Now, let me have another piece of that truffle lechon!

What's your favorite Filipino Christmas tradition?

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