A Sidetrip to Merloquet Falls

Monday, December 11, 2017

merloquet falls

After a week of covering Tawi-tawi's duo of festivals – Agal-agal, and Kamahardikan – Marky, Christine, Ferdz, Potpot, and I still had a whole day to spare in Zamboanga City where our flight back to Manila would be. Determined to make the most of our trip, we contacted iTourist Travel Lane to give us a quick tour of the city.

Ever ready to respond to the call of duty, and despite it being on a short notice, iTourist accommodated us and prepared an exciting itinerary. Our first stop? The famed Merloquet Falls.

Located in the eastern part of Zamboanga City, in Baranggay Sibulao, Merloquet Falls is a two-tiered cascading curtain. You can bathe in both tiers. The rock platforms are, however, slippery. The raging water making it a bit more difficult. However, reaching the actual falls is quite easy since there are access roads and there is now a cemented flight of stairs. The path, too, is shaded by tall trees.
Surrounding the falls is a patch of land that used to be a picnic area. The local government has cleared it to prevent trash getting into the waterways. Huts are being constructed further up in lieu of this.

The day we went, a few other visitors joined us, and it did not take away from the beauty of the falls. The five of us clambered up the second tier and made our way under the raging curtain. It was quite a challenge but since we were already there, we thought we might as well do it. It turned out, it was a great experience.

We were all smiles and laughing despite the falling water making it hard to even open our eyes. We lost all poise moving around, getting into awkward angles to avoid slipping to our deaths. In the end, we were all satisfied and thankful for that quick dip. We wanted to stay longer but since we had a schedule to keep, we started making our way back.

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As we went back where we came from, one of the locals bathing in the falls ran after us and advised me to rinse with calamansi because, apparently, my fair skin made me more susceptible to rashes. (Something about supernatural elements he said). That was very sweet, I thought. When I got back home, I did exactly as I was told. Calamansi is good for the skin anyway.
waterfalls in mindanao

Take a bus in the city bound for either Dipolog, Pagadian, or Ipil. Alight at the Vitali bus stop, near the PNP Station. Travel time is about three hours while fare is more or less Php200. From here, you may charter a habal-habal to take you up Baranggay Sibulao to the jump-off to Merloquet Falls. Fare ranges from Php50 to Php100, one-way. You may negotiate with your driver for a two-way trip for about Php200 to Php300.

For a hassle-free trip, contact iTravel Tourist Lane. This travel agency specializes in tours around Zamboanga, and could even arrange a tour to Panampangan Island in Tawi-tawi.

iTravel Tourist Lane
Mayor Jaldon St., Canelar Zamboanga City
+63 62 991 1174

What's the most beautiful waterfalls you've ever seen?

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