Aboard the BRP Capones

Friday, December 01, 2017

brp capones coast guard

Dawdling Drabbles is a collection of 100-word (or less) attempts at remembering every moment in my travels, but they really are just ramblings, to be honest. Here's more of them.

To go to Tawi-tawi was a dream I never thought would come true so soon. But it did. And it came with gifts. To reach it, I got into a ship with the Coast Guards at the helm. The trip was long and eventful – a middle-of-the-sea raid that turned out to be a false alarm and a feast where instant noodles were the only thing I ate. It didn't matter though, same as the shaky legs and the roiling stomach. In the end, it was a voyage. An adventure that turned strangers into friends and the sea into home.

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