Zamboanga Foodserye: A Taste of Moro Cuisine at Bay Tal Mal

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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After our foray into Merloquet Falls, we headed back to the city center for lunch. Wanting to try the local fanfare, our friend-cum-guide Errold of iTravel Tourist Lane took us to Bay Tal Mal.

Stepping into Bay Tal Mal is like stepping into another world. Adorned with intricate arches reminiscent of Muslim architecture, the place exudes a sense of opulence. Everything here was either burnished or trimmed in gold.
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The place wasn't huge but a luxurious vibe hangs in the air. It inspired reverence to some degree. I liked it very much.
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For our lunch, we had a sampler of Moro dishes called latal (Php399, good for 2-3 persons). It had sambal, fish utak utak (salmon with shredded coconut meat and an array of spices), chicken pyanggang (chicken stew flavored with burnt coconut and coco milk), beef and chicken kialia (stew in coconut milk), beef piyasak (liver in coconut milk), beef kulma (with peanut butter and coconut milk), fried tuna, calamares, and tiula itum (similar to tinola but with burnt coconut).
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Fried fish, beef kulma, and chicken pyanggang

My favorite was the chicken pyanggang and the beef kulma. There was also the classic mee goreng (Php129).
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Aside from the generous servings and affordable prices, the staff is also patient. We asked them to explain what the dishes are and they were very gracious. Their smiles added to the bouyant ambiance of Bay Tal Mal.
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If you find yourself in Zamboanga City, make sure to try Bay Tal Mal for a taste of Moro Cuisine. It's a worthy experience!

What's your favorite restaurant in Zamboanga City?

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