Get Down and Dirty at Adventure Playground

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

adventure playground rizal

I never minded getting dirty and I love me a bit of competition. So, when I got invited to a "Bloggers Camp" by our friends over at Timberland Heights, I did not have any second thoughts.

"You're going down!" I declared, even before I fully understood what we were going to do.

Well, turns out, I along with other bloggers will be competing against the Timberland Heights team on a race across the newest attraction in the area: Adventure Playground.

Adventure Playground is an obstacle course perfect for team-building or for anyone who's just looking to get exercise while having fun. It's the latest addition to the already awesome Adventure Farm, and we're actually the first group to try it out.

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When I got on it, I find that it was fairly easy and I thought kids could have fun doing this. There are safety rails, and while the mud can get all over the place, it's still manageable. Plus, you won't get bored as the trail has enough variation to provide the right amount of challenge. It's perfect for the whole family!
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The course was not only fun, but also beautiful. The natural landscape was altered as little as possible so there's still an element of wildness to the trail. Also, the course is clearly marked so you won't get lost. I was honestly impressed.
adventure playground

Unfortunately, however, we lost to Team Timberland. Hahahaha! But it's OK. We had a great time. We're looking forward to a rematch!

From Quezon Memorial Circle, go northeast via Commonwealth Avenue past Ever Commonwealth Center. Turn right before Sandiganbayan to Batasan Road then turn right to Batasan-San Mateo Road. Cross the bridge over Marikina River then turn left to Gen. Luna Avenue. After passing Tropical Hut and Mercury Drug, turn right to De Los Santos Street. When the road begins to slope, turn left to the highway going to Timberland Heights. 
adventure playground directions

For more details, like complete rates and fees, check out this post.

Adventure Playground at Timberland Heights
San Mateo, Rizal
+63 2 571 9116
Open daily from 8AM to 5PM

Who would you like to challenge to a round at the Adventure Playground?

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