The Most Beautiful Hiking Trails in Canada

Monday, November 13, 2017

where to hike in canada
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From peaceful sojourns with nature to rugged mountainous trails, Canada is a real haven for hikers. Some of these are said to offer the finest walks on the planet, fit for all levels of abilities.
While some may be more challenging than the others, they all share one thing in common, their breathtaking view. So whether you are a first timer or a professional hiker, here are some hiking trails in Canada which will fuel your dreams and make you fall in love with the country.

Oh, and while you are at it, book yourself one of the cozy cabins in Canada and hike to your heart’s extend in its lovely valleys and mountains.

Fundy Trail, New Brunswick
Between Florida and Labrador lies hidden the last remaining wild tract of North America. This unspoilt gem has opened its doors to hiking enthusiasts to explore the picturesque 16 kilometers of its coastal beauty.

The Fundy Trail, as it is known, is located less than an hour’s drive from St. John, outside St. Martins. The scenic and winding paths are ideal for hiking and even cycling. These less-traveled routes pass by concealed waterfalls and stretches of pristine sandy beaches lined by sheer vertical cliffs. The tides in the bay are said to be some of the highest in the world. Hikers should keep their eyes peeled for Right Whales and different sea birds.

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Appin Road, Prince Edward Island 
Appin Road is just about the perfect setting for a walk in the Autumn season, with a canopy of leaves blowing gently in the wind overhead. The path made of clay lies at the southern side of the island and is completely secluded. It provides an ideal haven from the hectic everyday city life. The trail winds past fields and woodlands displaying the true colors of the prevailing season.

Kejimkujik National Park, Nova Scotia
Designed both as a National Park and a National Historic site, the Kejimkujik National Park is truly a unique park in every sense. The forests are complete with rare old trees, diverse wildlife and geological elements. There are fifteen different routes in the park, each of which offer an inspired walking experience. It allows visitors to get up close to exotic species of birds amongst the vibrant foliage of the Autumn season.

Killarney Park, Ontario
The formation of this park is solely due to the combined effort of several dedicated Canadian artists. Lawrence Harris, A.J. Casson and A.Y. Jackson, who convinced the government to convert the area into a protected place. Today, Killarney Park is said to be the crown jewel of the entire park system of Ontario.

There are four hiking trails in this park, passing through pine ridges, clear lakes and rolling quartz hills. The Granite Ridge Trail allows the hikers to have clear views of the beautiful La Cloche Mountain range and the Georgian Bay.

This is one of the most spectacular hikes in the Canadian Rockies, and takes about six hours to complete the entire trip. The trail begins at Lake Louise, from where a steep climb of around 3.5 km takes you past dense forests of fir and spruce trees right up to Lake Agnes. The teahouse there makes for a great place to catch your breath while you savor some excellent tea and delicious pies. There is a lovely waterfall nearby in full flow to explore as well.

Your next leg of the journey will use the 5 km long Highline Trail which amply showcases the mighty Alberta Mountain Range and the Victoria Glacier. Another teahouse by the name Plains of Six Glaciers is located there to cater to your culinary needs and give the tired muscles a much needed break. Once rejuvenated, head back to Lake Louise via the 5.5 km loop trail to end your adventure.

Kinney Lake Trail, British Columbia
The Mount Robson peak at 3954m, is the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies. It is located inside the second oldest park in British Columbia, namely Mount Robson Provincial Park. The region provides stunning views of the mountains and lakes, with the 4.5 long Kinney Lake Trail occupying centre stage with the hiking fraternity. 

The lush forests of cedar and hemlock, with the majestic mountain in the background is bound to have a spellbinding effect on the hikers. The lucky ones may get to see a variety of wildlife like black bears, elk, moose and elk during this refreshing 2.5 hours trek.

Galloping Goose Regional Trails, British Columbia
Hikers and riders universally agree that the Galloping Goose Trail is considered to be one of the top ten hikes in Canada. It allows hikers to explore the pristine beauty of the southern region of Vancouver Island along its 55 km long stretch. The trail was once a railway line which existed in the 1900’s between Victoria and Sooke, shuttling passengers between the two towns in a railway car named Galloping Goose, from which the park got the name. These days the railways are long gone, but what remains are some wonderful tracts of wilderness and rocky cliffs which are the cynosure of all eyes.

A hike through the awe-inspiring scenery of Canada is sure to fulfill the appetite of any hiker. The incredible hikes listed above invite you for a once in a lifetime epic journey. Not only will it endear you with the wonders of nature, but will allow you to soak in the different cultures of fellow hikers from around the globe that you are certain to meet.

Have you been to any of these hiking trails? What’s your favorite?

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