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Friday, November 03, 2017

places to visit in baguio

Dawdling Drabbles is a collection of 100-word (or less) attempts at remembering every moment in my travels, but they really are just ramblings, to be honest. Here's more of them.

All places evoke a specific emotion. Some inspire joy. Others outright wound. I have filed Tam-awan Village into the second category. The last time I was here, I was with someone who, at that time, made the visit special, but then it all went downhill from there. And so, I was apprehensive to return.
baguio tourist attractions

Perhaps the best way to forget about the past is to live the present. There's no sense, after all, to dwell in them. Write over the bitterness with sweet, new memories that'll fill you up with joy. Make it with people who make you feel good.
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Have you said thank you to anyone lately? . Today, let me express my deepest gratitude to my very good friend Mai aka @budgetbiyahera. . This photo was taken by her. I like it very much because I can feel the care that went into taking it. And my heart grows full knowing that I have people in my life whose expressions of love include taking good photos of me. . But back to Mai. . I consider Mai as my first real connection from the travel blogging world. The first spark, if you will. Mai and I have a lot in common. We share many ideals. Our moral compasses point generally in the same direction. We click. . I love that she is thoughtful and fiercely loyal. She's also ready to offer you support and encouragement right when you need it the most. . Mai is kind and her kindness is infectious. Spend enough time with her and you'll get a glimpse of just how beautifully she perceives the world. And that brief peek through her lens? It will give you so much more than just insights. There will be validation and assurance, for you'll realize she sees your goodness in spite of everything. . So Mai, this post is for you. It's me on the picture, but just like I wouldn't be the person I am today without you, this photo wouldn't be possible without your eye and your heart. . I love you. I'm glad you are in my life. ❤️❤️❤️
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