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Thursday, November 23, 2017

food parks in tagaytay

Remember when I said we were able to go on a run when we had our gastronomic staycation over at Taal Vista Hotel? Well, it's true. Marky of Nomadic Experiences, Mujee of Eats In The Philippines, and I went on a 30-minute jog from the hotel almost to the popular Starbucks Tagaytay.

Anyway, along the way, we noticed this food park just across the Sky Ranch so when our other companions wanted to go outside, we suggested going here.

Apparently, The Barracks was by actor Derek Ramsey and his family. In retrospect, that should have been no surprise – his face was all over the tarpaulin on the entrance of the food park.
where to eat in tagaytay

At any rate, the place was jam-packed when we visited. It wasn't large as far as most food parks go. You could stand anywhere and still get to have a good view of the entire area. The stalls were lined in an angular U, and one set were stacked on top of the other, doubling the food choices to a total of 30. In the middle, a mishmash of tables and seats were huddled together while the second-floor stalls provided a loft-type dining space. String lights, meanwhile, crisscrossed the ceiling.
the barracks tagaytay food park

food parks in tagaytay

Food parks tend to be overwhelming, but the Barracks managed to make the ambiance fun but somewhat subdued. I liked it.

We actually didn't get to try the food here, but I thought there were some really decent options. I saw generous servings of nachos, sisig, burgers, and what-have-yous. But since we were stuffed to the gills from our restaurant-hopping at Taal Vista, we opted out of eating and went straight to the booze.

Beer here is relatively cheap. A bucket of 6 assorted beers only costs Php300. You can mix and match, which was great since we each have our preferences.

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Ok. Truth time: some of us checked the Barracks before we told the rest of the group about it. You could say we were pre-gaming. The first time, there were five of us and there were six beers. Marky asked for one of the beers to be kept for later since we did plan to bring everyone after dinner. The lady over at the booze store happily obliged. We were delighted.

Then, when we came full force, we found out there was a live band performing. I was just halfway through my Mule when I was whisked towards the stage and managed to perform Avril Lavigne's Why. I "wasn't event drunk enough yet", noted one of my friends. What are you gonna do, I've got a natural high.

Well, what I'm trying to say is that we had fun in the Barracks. Everyone was friendly and gracious. It's a perfect hangout spot on a TGIF.

I would make it a point to come back here the next time I'm in Tagaytay. I'm interested to check out the food options. At least, now I know where to point friends when they ask me where to get cheap beers here. But, well, with the kind of friends that I have, they probably already know the answer.

Parking: Lot, but limited
Restrooms: Yes
Modes of Payment: Varies, mostly cash
Wi-Fi: None

The Barracks Food Camp
Emilio Aguinaldo Hi-way (just across the Tagaytay Sky Ranch)
Business Hours: Tuesday to Thursday - 4PM to 12MN; Friday to Sunday - 12NN to 12MN; Closed on Mondays

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