15 Photos from the 2017 Pawikan Festival That Will Make You Want To Attend Next Year

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

pawikan festival bataan

Every November since 2001, the people of Morong, Bataan has been holding the Pawikan Festival – an event celebrating the conservation efforts directed towards sea turtles. This year, the festival drew in quite a crowd. Here are some of the happiest, "smiliest" photos from the celebration:

1. The celebration involved a dance competition
pawikan festival 2017 bataan

2. Everyone was giving their best...
pawikan festival 2017

3. From this girl...
pawikan festival 2017

4. This girl...
pawikan festival 2017 bataan

5. To this lad...
pawikan festival 2017 photos

6. To another lad...
pawikan festival photos

7. To another lad...
pawikan festival history

8. And then another lad..
morong bataan

9. And to this couple of friends.
what to do in morong bataan

10. They raised their hands up in the air...
conservation festival in the philippines

11. Waving 'em 'coz they care so much about saving the sea turtles.
eco friendly festival

12. As evidenced by this:
bataan festivals

13. And by incorporating the pawikan in their routines
festivals in the philippines

14. The festival also included a releasing of hatchlings:
pawikan conservation center

15. 140,000 hatchlings had been released since the Pawikan Conservation Center has been established. Wow!
pawikan conservation center bataan

Want more photos? Check out this album on Celineism's Facebook page.

Have you attended the Pawikan Festival? What's your favorite Philippine Festival?

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