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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

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One obvious perk of being the "Rice Bowl of the Philippines" and the center of agricultural research is the abundance of fresh produce and meat products, so it would be no wonder that the province of Nueva Ecija plays host to a wholesome dining place serving a menu made from locally-sourced ingredients.

Located within the compound of the Central Luzon State University (CLSU) in the Science City of Muñoz, UMART (short for University Multipurpose Center for Agriculture, Research, and Technology Products) Cafe dons a no-nonsense layout. With large glass windows for ample natural light, and a combination of booths and tables, the place is both cozy enough for barkada and family-bonding and just the right kind of efficient-looking for business meetings.
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where to eat in nueva ecija

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UMART Cafe serves all-day buffets and a themed dining experience called Gastronomic Journey. The dishes are made with ingredients grown in CLSU's farms. The menu varies but I highly recommend the breads and the varieties of homemade spreads that can be paired with it.

umart cafe buffet

umart cafe menu

The place also holds an inventory of products developed by the University's research centers as well as by partner homegrown entrepreneurs. Here, you can purchase what is perhaps the best-tasting dulce de leche spread in the world. This would be a great pasalubong! Oh, and you can sample Nueva Ecija's famous tilapia ice cream here
yema spread

tilapia ice cream nueva ecija

Self-service is king in UMART Cafe but the staff would be glad to assist you. Plus, I love that the restrooms are gender-nonspecific. Instead of the usual Male or Female (and variations thereof, the signs read "Whatever".

Very good job, UMART! To heck with gender norms!

Knowing that what's being served to you is fresh and cultivated locally makes dining all the more enjoyable. UMART Cafe provides this experience at a reasonable price. And by buying the products sold here, you also get to help small local enterprises to thrive – there are fewer things more satisfying than that!

Parking: Lot
Modes of Payment: Cash

DHM Building, Central Luzon State University
Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija
Operating hours: Mondays to Saturdays - 8AM to 6PM; Sundays - 8Am to 2PM
+63 44 940 9395

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