Nasipit River is Castilla's Next Top Tourist Destination

Sunday, October 08, 2017

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Castilla's etymology may be Spanish but the town looks undoubtedly Filipino. With roads flanked by trees, and structures simple and practical, the town sports a "rural" facade – at least that's what you see from the highway. Go deeper, however, and you'll find a more diverse landscape teasing of natural attractions that could hold their own to those of other municipalities in Sorsogon.

One example of which is the Nasipit River. Part of the greater Dulangan-Nasipit-Pili Estuary, this waterway traverses three barangays: Poblacion, San Isidro, and Libtong. This tributary is being pegged for agritourism and its easy to see why.

Nasipit River features calm, clean waters teeming with the local shellfish called kunaw. Flanked by mangroves and hilly formations, its banks are frequented by swarms of fireflies. The outline of the Bulusan Volcano can be seen in the distance.
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kunaw shellfish

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Cruising across the river aboard a floating cottage is possible and is currently the only tourist activity allowed, but plans to add low-impact ones like kayaking, skin-diving, and even firefly-watching are being developed by the local government. Safety gears like life vests as well as additional equipment and materials will also be provided soon. Pending approval and implementation of the local tourism mandate, fees are not yet standardized. 
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The length of the river could be covered in less than an hour, and if you make arrangements beforehand, a seafood fiesta could await you upon disembarking. Prepared by the residents of the nearby "Gk Village", fresh hauls may be served to guests for lunch.
things to do in castilla sorsogon

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Castilla already has the beautiful Malawmawan Island as an entry to the list of Sorsogon's top tourist destinations, and with more improvements and enough preparation, Nasipit River would definitely be another strong inclusion in the town's tourism arsenal.

For more information about the Nasipit River as well as inquiries about the tour, please send a message to the LGU's official Facebook page.

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