Leave the Bad Vibes at Camp John Hay

Saturday, October 28, 2017

things to do in baguio

Dawdling Drabbles is a collection of 100-word (or less) attempts at remembering every moment in my travels, but they really are just ramblings, to be honest. Here's more of them.

The heaviest burden to carry is the burden of negativity. It plagues the mind, weakening the soul, but why do most of us refuse to let it go?

Perhaps we need somewhere to leave it all behind. An actual place to bury, albeit figuratively, the crippling emotions, maybe?

The folks at Camp John Hay thought the same thing and now we have the Cemetery of Negativism. "Graves" inscribed with amusing puns depicting an often frowned-upon trait and/or emotion populate the tract of pine-strewn land. Reading the "names" of the buried actually made me smile. Some I even identified with.
baguio cemetery bad vibes

cemetery of negativism

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