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Wednesday, September 06, 2017

victors ihaw ihaw

The air was heavy with the scent of smoke and roasting meat, and it wrapped around us like a lasso, tightening and pulling us towards the bare, unfussy shack that was Victor's Lechon Manok and Barbecue. I inhaled, smacked my lips together and could almost taste the grilled meat. 

After the foray at the Tarlac Recreational Park, we drove to this popular roadside grill for our much awaited lunch. It was almost 2PM when we arrived. Hearts full and stomachs empty, we ogled at the spits of chicken cooking over red-orange embers as we headed to the entrance of the restaurant.
victors ihaw ihaw

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Inside, Victor's wasn't fancy. Grills and ceiling fans adorn the room. A TV perched on a panel in the middle post. Rows of plastic chairs crowd around rectangular plastic tables. On the farthest corner was an air-conditioned nook that could accommodate up to three groups. Here is where we chose to sit. 
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The walls were unpainted, and had the faint smell of newly dried cement. It looked just like it has just been constructed, almost like an afterthought. But this room served its purpose and soon we we're comfortable in our seats.
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Servers placed tiny saucers on the table, along with plates of chopped onions and a handful of calamansi. There were also several pieces of siling labuyo. Bottles of soy sauce and vinegar were readily available too, so, we wasted no time making our own dipping sauces. 
pinoy dipping sauce

The food came and my eyes went wide. "Worth it," I thought. The heat, the thunder in my stomach, everything. All was worth it. 

A plate of rotisserie chicken (lechon manok, Php220) was placed before me. Its skin glistening. Beside it was a plate of grilled eggplants (Php15/pc). There was also some grilled tilapia (Php70/pc), and sisig (Php150)
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victors ihaw ihaw menu

victors ihaw ihaw tarlac menu

victors tarlac menu

I loved everything we ate. There really isn't much to say except it's value for money. I mean, you can never ever go wrong with grilled meat. It's a fool-proof meal. Pair it with rice, and you've got one satisfying late lunch.

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The food paired well with the dipping sauce. I made mine with calamansi, soy sauce, and labuyo. Some of my companions, like Mai, loved lots of onions on theirs, necessitating for refills. The staff quickly obliged. Even our requests for drinking water were met immediately. 

As for the serving time, I felt like it took a while but this is probably because I was already treading the thin line between hunger and anger. It was probably reasonable under normal circumstances. 

Our late arrival also proved to be a blessing in disguise. We were told that the place is jam-packed during lunch and there was a great chance we'd wait for a seat if we'd arrive early. At around 2PM, there were only a handful of patrons and a group of even-later lunchers who arrived just before we stood to leave. 

Victor's isn't popular for nothing. It's affordable and delicious offerings secured its place in Tarlac's gastronomic map. If you're on a roadtrip and have found your way in Tarlac, Victor's would be a nice place to stretch your legs and refill your stomach. 

Parking: Yes
Wi-fi: None
Modes of Payment: Cash

Victor's Lechon Manok and Barbecue
MacArthur Highway, Tarlac City, Tarlac
+63 45 491 0538

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