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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

the game room sportsbar tarlac

My heart fell when we were told we won't be karting anymore. The afternoon rain had rendered the tracks un-navigable. Sitting inside the Game Room, I glazed over the menu, distracted by the crisp thwacks of cue sticks.

The Game Room was Kart City's in-house food place. With three billiard tables, and an easy, hangout vibe, it wasn't a surprise that the place was popular. On one corner was an elegant bar, with a brown sleek finish. Scattered around the room were bar stools where billiard players awaiting their turns can often be found. If a room had a gender, the Game Room would be male. A very sporty and chill one at that. 
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On a panel overhead, a widescreen tv rested. Sir Roy wanted to watch Ang Probinsyano, but the other customers had it tuned to a basketball game. We didn't mind and just let it be.

My companions took care of the ordering and my god were they great at it. There were sinigang, kare-kare, sisig (Php140) and other food that would be great paired with a beer. 
the game room tarlac menu

The sinigang was, of course, comforting. The kare-kare creamy and mild. 

Then came the crispy pata (Php440), which seemed to be calling my name. Oh boy, I love pork. By the time I had a bite of the sinfully delicious crackling skin, I'd completely forgotten about the cancelled karting plans. I was OK with just a plate of crispy pata. 
the game room tarlac menu

A bowl of Chef's Salad (Php175) came to our table. Mai and I attacked it. It was gone in a matter of minutes. 
the game room menu tarlac

Then, there was this pizza-looking thing that you must roll with spinach. It was a lot of work but it was quite delicious.
the game room menu tarlac

the game room menu

the game room menu

We had quite a lot of orders. We were a group of eight, but I was quite surprised at how quickly our orders came. But then again, I'm rather oblivious as a person, so don't bet a house on my word. 

The Game Room is a nice place to hang out with your barkada. I believe it was actually meant for this. The overall ambiance of the room all points to this conclusion. Thee place might be glaringly masculine, but it wasn't intimidating. It was a good-guy kind of room. 

It was surprising to find such a nice little foodscape in a place that's primarily known for kart-racing. Heck, some people even come here just to hangout at the Game Room. Couldn't blame them. Good food, good ambiance, and reasonable prices. What's not to like?

Modes of payment: Cash, Credit Card
Parking: Yes
Wi-fi: Yes

The Game Room Sportsbar at Kart City
Brgy. San Roque, Tarlac City
Business hours: Monday to Friday - 3PM to 2AM; Saturday and Sunday - 10AM to 2AM

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