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Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Our North Luzon tour continued to the province of Nueva Ecija. After a day and a half in Tarlac, on we went to what is known as "The Rice Bowl of the Philippines." In this leg of our tour, we were billeted at Microtel Cabanatuan, and I must say, this hotel is one of my most favorites to date.

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I was again paired with Monica, but unlike in Microtel Luisita where we had to share a bed (but she ended up sleeping on the window bench), we now get to have our own.
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The room we had was a 2 Queen Beds Room. It looked somehow newer compared to Microtel Luisita but it had a similar style that, I figured, was the hotel chain's signature. Warm lights, simple accents, and large glass windows beside which was a bench – my favorite feature.
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The bathroom was just the right size, with a hot-and-cold shower and all you need to feel refreshed.
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best hotels in nueva ecija

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Microtel Cabanatuan offers two types of rooms. The one we stayed at, a 2 Queen Beds Room, has a published rate of Php3,300/night. The other type, the 1 Queen Bed Suite, has a published rate of Php4,100/night. This rate already includes breakfast. To check rates and make reservations, go here.

Microtel Cabanatuan has a total of 50 air-conditioned rooms, all of which have chiropractor-approved mattresses. It also has a swimming pool which we decided to try the very evening we arrived. We were worried the water would be freezing, but because it's searing in Nueva Ecija during the day, by night the soil with all its trapped heat acts as a natural heater. An evening dip is highly recommended especially if you add the relaxing, slightly romantic ambiance of the pool area.
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Another feature of Microtel hotels that are often overlooked is the array of strategically-placed water dispensers. For someone who consumes large amounts of water, this is very well appreciated. I don't remember any other hotels I'd stayed at that offer this small, but thoughtful gesture.
where to stay in nueva ecija

Moreover, Microtel Cabanatuan also has an in-house restaurant called Bistro 360 that's quite popular among the locals. is often the chosen venue for birthdays and other celebrations. Its menu of Western and Asian cuisine is probably the reason. The restaurant's setting is fairly straightforward, but the food is undeniably superb.

The hotel's WiFi is also pretty decent.  You would be able to sneak in some work if you really, really have to.

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I have nothing but praises for Microtel Cabanatuan's staff. We were all taken care of. They were very gracious when it comes to our requests, even relenting to extend the pool-hours by an hour.

The crew over at the Bistro 360 restaurant was also great. Despite having a full house when we dined, they managed to get our orders out within a reasonable amount of time. Plus, they're attentiveness was endearing – a few moments after you empty your glass, a staff will approach the table and politely offer a refill. A fairly small thing, if you think about it, but small, thoughtful, things sometimes make the most impact.

Much like Tarlac, there is so much to discover in Nueva Ecija. If you find yourself in the province, I suggest making Microtel Cabanatuan your homebase and enjoy the rustic, and easy-going vibe of the place, plus its horde of top notch amenities.

Microtel Cabanatuan
Brgy. Sta. Arcadia Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija
Phone Numbers: +63 (44) 958 7777
Fax Number: +63 (44) 958 7778
Mobile: +63 (927) 804 2929

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