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Sunday, September 24, 2017

where to stay in sorsogon

I've been to Sorsogon – both the province and the city – many times, but I haven't had the chance to stay anywhere other than our family house in Bacon. On my most recent trip, however, I was able to stay for a night at Novo Hotel aka Asia Novotel in Sorsogon City.

The room we stayed at was simple. It has a king-sized bed, a TV, and a desk by a window. The window, though, wasn't much use at it only looked out into a hallway.
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asia novotel sorsogon city

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The lighting was conducive to sleep, warm and yellow. The walls, too. These impressively kept noises away, so much so that we hadn't noticed the hammering rain outside until I opened the door to check the sky.

There was also a coat and hat rack by the wall, along with a large mirror.

The bathroom had a shower, but the heater didn't work. There were noticeable cracks on the tiles, but nothing you can't ignore.
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where to stay in sorsogon

Novo Hotel is located right at the very heart of the Sorsogon City proper. Its best feature is its proximity to establishments and several points of interest. It's a short walk away from the Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral, and the Rompeolas or Baywalk.

Jeep and van terminals are also near the hotel. So getting around the province and its neighbors would be quite a breeze. The hotel itself is beside a grocery store.

For smokers, while the rooms are non-smoking, the hotel has a designated smoking area. Parking might be a hassle, though, as no more than three cars could fit in the front parking lot.

One thing I didn't like about Novo Hotel is the iffy WiFi connection. It's decent at the reception area, but once you're inside the room, it's gone. Even mobile reception is gone once you're inside the room. A huge downside for digital nomads such as myself.

Check here for room rates.

In the Sorsogon City proper, you can get on a tricycle and tell the driver to take you to Novo Hotel. Or you could just walk around and ask people for directions to Novo in Burgos Street.

If you're looking for a cheap and convenient place to stay in the city, then Novo Hotel is for you. It'll be great for crashing after a long day touring around. But if you're looking to bring business during your leisure, and would need reliable internet, then I suggest you go look for another place.

Novo Hotel
Burgos Street, Sorsogon City, Sorsogon
+63 995 241 2198

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