Showing Up at the Luisita Golf Club

Thursday, September 14, 2017

where to go in tarlac

A familiar green made up the Luisita Golf Club. A green not unlike the one in the Tarlac Recreational Park – cared for, touched by men. On the green's, periphery, a bevy of flags topped tall metal poles. I watched them billow in the wind. From where I stood, the leaves of a soaring balete tree made the sunlight shift on the uneven, worn floor. There's a tiny pool just behind me. Elegant blue and white tiles gleamed with a wet sheen. There really wasn't much for me here. But I've seen it. Sometimes, this is enough.
where to go in tarlac

i am traveling light

Dawdling Drabbles is a collection of 100-word (or less) attempts at remembering every moment in my travels, but they really are just ramblings, to be honest. Here's more of them.

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