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Thursday, August 31, 2017

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Microtel Luisita appeared in to view, suddenly, like a bright, playful summer afternoon. Its presence unmistakable. Undeniable. A pleasant break from the green of the trees and the gray of the asphalt that make up most of Hacienda Luisita. It was a bit dreary that one Tuesday in August, but the  pastel yellow facade brought me and my companions our much needed sunshine.

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After going around Tarlac, we settled into our designated rooms for an afternoon breather. I was to share a room with a fellow blogger, Monica

From the lobby, I hauled my bag and headed for the stairs. We passed by a table laden with sachets of instant coffee along the way. I made a mental note to check it out later – perhaps some Milo were thrown into the mix.

Our room was on the second floor. It was a 1 Queen Bed Suite. Upon entering, my eyes immediately went to the window bench in the far corner of the room. Window benches are the best! Great for reading books, and drinking tea while watching raindrops race down the glass panes. To me, window benches automatically make a room great.

Still not over the fact that I was finally having a hotel room with a window bench, I dropped my bags and proceeded to the restroom. 

As expected, it had everything you need – hot-and-cold shower, toiletries, towels, an outlet for your hair tools, the works, even a bathtub!

When I left the bathroom, I found Monica doing what all bloggers do upon checking in in a hotel room: charging her phone. Thank goodness there were plenty of outlets for our gadgets.

Phones charging and blogger duties accomplished (i.e. taking photos), I was now able to fully inspect the room.

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It was large, that I will say. Heck, it was half the size of our house, maybe even larger. It has a spacy wardrobe, on top of which is an LED TV. Dividing the room is a counter with a sink and a tray of mugs and glasses. There are cupboards too, a mini fridge and a microwave. On one side of the room is the receiving area, complete with a couch that was outfitted with a folding bed. The queen-sized bed was on the other end of the room, near the window bench. 

I've heard about Microtel's chiropractor-approved beds so I wasted no time trying it out. That afternoon, I couldn't yet tell the difference, but come evening, I was in slumber paradise! Along with the nice-smelling sheets and fluffy pillows, the bed really capped off the trifecta of sleep. Plus, I get to have it all to myself because Monica chose to sleep on the window bench.

Late into the afternoon, it started to rain and I was able to prove how romantic it is to have window benches. The dull patter of the rain and the metallic scent of ozone made the room even cozier. I was a little disappointed when the rain stopped and we had to go outside for dinner. 

Before reaching the lobby, I remembered to check out the table filled with variants of instant coffee, but did not find any Milo in there. Good news, though, if you fancy more than your recommended dose of caffeine – coffee here in Microtel Luisita is free-flowing!

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The hotel, too, offers transport services to any point in the city, and even has a shuttle service to nearby establishments such as the Luisita golf course. Since it doesn't have an in-house resto, it will also take guests to any food places within the Luisita Industrial Park. Should you wish to explore Mt. Pinatubo in Capas, Microtel Luisita also offers a tour package here.

There's also a pair of function rooms for meetings and seminars. Since the hotel is surrounded by businesses, it's no wonder that most of the most guests were serious-looking professional, but I could also see the place suited for families or groups looking to benefit from a foray into the countryside. Hacienda Luisita's semi-reclusion would be a welcome relief from the daily city grind.

Microtel Luisita has a total of 50 rooms. Our room, the 1 Queen Bed Suite which can accommodate a maximum of 4 people, has a published rate of Php4,210. Rate per night starts at Php2,800. 

The hotel also offers two other kinds of room: 1 Queen Bed Room, and the 2 Queen Beds Room. For rates and availability, check here

For driving directions, check out Microtel Luisita in Google Maps here

My overnight stay at Microtel Luisita was one of the most pleasant ones I've ever had. That yellow Victorian facade appealed to my aesthetics, and the straightforward room proved cozy. And, of course, the window bench! Should you find yourself in Tarlac, Microtel Luisita is a great homebase. Or you can book your Pinatubo getaway with them, stay the night, and expect a good night's sleep!

Microtel by Wyndham – Luisita, Tarlac
Hacienda Luisita San Miguel, Tarlac
+63 45 985 1770

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