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Thursday, August 03, 2017

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The gastronomic landscape of my hometown of Angono continues to improve as time goes by. Gone are the days when we're stuck with limited dining options. In addition to the number of popular local foodscapes, here's Hideout52 offering a different kind of dining experience. 

Located just across Iglesia ni Cristo, Hideout52 adheres to an unusual theme of "investigative/crime dining". It's supposed to be a  jailhouse, with a prison cage at the far corner to support this theme. Yet, as far as the interiors go, the jailhouse comparison ends with the cage. 

Strewn with wooden tables and a wall of loft-
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type dining spaces, Hideout52 is actually pretty cozy. I especially love the lofts. Sitting around a low table with feet bare and a view of the busy hi-way is quite nice. 

The lighting too is surprisingly intimate. Ambient and warm, it makes taking pictures a breeze. In the morning, there's ample natural light because of the glass walls. Ventilation isn't the best, though. You'd walk out smelling like grease. So keep this in mind when visiting.

Now Hideout52's crime theme translates better into its menu. With names like Perjury Fries and Murder Burger, you'd get a little nervous ordering. Just as well since eating the kind of food they serve might result into you keeling over. And I mean that as a compliment. 

A fanfare of burgers, fries, nachos, and frappes make up Hideout52's menu. They also have chicken wings, pastas ("Estafa-sta"), and a quartet of vegetable salads. 

I got to try their Double Murder Burger (Php140) with 2 pcs. volcanic rock-grilled quarter pound patty, cheese sauce, onions, tomato, and lettuce. I added a pineapple (Php15) to it because I like it ok. (I like pineapples on pizza too. Fight me.) It was very tasty. I actually enjoyed it. 
hideout52 menu

You can also opt for the single-patty version of the Murder Burger (Php95) and just throw in a bunch of add-ons like mushrooms and pickles (or pineapples). 
volcanic rock grilled burgers

These burgers, by the way, already comes with a side of fries. But because I'm a glutton, I chose to order two sets of Perjury fries which I did share with a friend (Php85/order). It's topped with bacon, cheese sauce, and grated cheese. Yum!
hideout52 menu

To wash it all down, I had the Root Beer Float (Php45) because why the hell not. I must mention that the vanilla ice cream in it was delicious!
hideout52 menu

What I like most about Hideout52 is the service. It was quick and no fuss. Plus, the staff are very thoughtful. Offering tissues, hot sauce, a portable lamp before we even asked for it. But we went on a pretty slow day, so I'm not sure how's everything when the place is packed.

While the forced wordplay on the menu is ridiculous, the food is actually decent. Overall, it's more expensive compared to other local foodscapes offering basically the same dishes. And while the burger is not at all bad – it's, in fact, delicious – it's not really my favorite. Hideout52 wouldn't be my first choice when a burger craving strikes, but I would definitely come back just to dine in the lofts again. Lofts are awesome!

Mode of payment: Cash only
Parking: Street
Wi-fi: None

Manila East Road, Corner Don Mariano Avenue, Brgy. San Isidro, Angono, 1930 Rizal, Philippines
Operating Hours: Mondays to Sundays; 3:00PM to 11:00PM

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