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Thursday, August 17, 2017

where to stay catanduanes

Because our brand of adventure during our Catanduanes trip last February 2017 required Dennis and I to hop from town to town, our home-base changes every other day. Here, we list down the places we stayed at during our motorcycling sojourn in the Happy Island of Catanduanes.

1. Rakdell Inn
On our first day in Catanduanes, we found ourselves in the provincial capital Virac. Here, we stayed at Rakdell Inn. It's one of the many affordable accommodations in Virac, and is one of several popular ones in the town proper. It's situated conveniently right at the heart of town, with commercial establishments just a few strides away. The famous restaurant Blossoms as well as Jollibee are both a mere walking distance. 

During our stay, we were billeted in a windowless Standard Single Room with AC – the only room available that time. It turns out a big group was checked in. The bed was wide enough for two average-size persons. It has an AC unit and an electric fan, plus one of those old-fashioned TV sets (which was not working at that time). The room also has its own bathroom. The one we got did not have a hot-and-cold shower, but there are others that have this amenity. 
hotels catanduanes
Sorry about the photo quality :D

Wi-fi is also available but you there are areas where the connection's noticeably stronger. The lounge area on the 2nd floor is one. Also, we had to pay an additional Php100 on top of the Php600 rate since there were two of us.

Address:  San Pedro, Virac, Catanduanes
Contact Nos.: +63 910 374 3230 / +63 929 221 0668 
Cheapest Rate: Php350 for a Standard Single Room (Electric Fan, Television with Cable, Bathroom with Shower and Closet ). 
Nearby Attractions: Maribina Falls, Bote Cove (Bato),  Binurong Point (Baras)

2. Unnamed Pension House near Petron
The next day, we planned to check in somewhere in Pandan, but after our double mishap in Bato and San Andres, we were forced to spend the night in the town of Caramoran. At first, we planned to stay at Coco Beach Resort, but there wasn't anyone in the place to assist us. So, we went to the town proper to ask where we could stay the night.

After securing some gauze and iodopovidone from the municipal health center, we headed to the only Petron station in town. In the backdrop of the station was an orange building that was apparently a traveler's inn. In the grocery store next door, we found someone to check us in.
caramoran petron station

hotels catanduanes

The room was more pleasant than the one we had at Rakdell. It had a window for one thing. The bed was larger too. It had an AC unit but no electric fan, which was fine. In terms of location, you can stock up on supply from the grocery store downstairs. The room, by the way, cost Php800/night.

Address: Baybay, Caramoran, Catanduanes (Petron Station)
Cheapest Rate: Php800 for the room we had
Nearby Attractions: Tuwad-tuwadan Lagoon (Pandan), Coco Beach, Toytoy Point, Toytoy Beach

3. V Mart Pension House
In Viga, we stayed at V Mart Pension House which happened to be also near a Petron station. The place is near stores and has an onsite restaurant that serves affordable and surprisingly delicious meals. 

The day of our stay, there was a wedding entourage billeted at the pension house so we were quite lucky that there was still a room available. At first, we were given a huge room for Php1000 per night. I thought this was the only room available but when Dennis asked if there's a cheaper one, we were led to one with a much smaller bed for Php350 per night. The room was clearly meant for just one person but we weren't charged extra.
v mart pension house catanduanes

We barely fitted in the bed, but we're still-sleepers anyway so it didn't matter. The room only had an electric fan and no hot-and-cold shower. It has no TV but you can have your share of TV show outside in the common area. All in all, a sweet deal for just Php350!

Address: Viga, Catanduanes
Contact No.: +63 910 357 9572
Cheapest Rate: Php350 for the room we had. 
Nearby Attractions: Taprang-taprang Falls (Panganiban), Soboc Cove, Jardin Falls, Iligan Point (Bagamanoc)

BONUS: Twin Rock Beach Resort
If you plan to spend most of your time in Virac, I recommend Twin Rock Resort. It's right beside Igang Beach where the view is stunning. The resort is also designed like a park, with water slides and ziplines and a boulevard.

We haven't stayed here but visited the place to get photos of the "Twin Rocks". Will definitely stay here the next time we're in the Happy Island!
twin rock beach resort catanduanes

Address: Igang, Virac, Catanduanes
Contact No.: +63 928 903 8525 / +63 920 958 2130
Cheapest Rate: Php600 for Close Cottage (1 double sized bed, fan ventilated, common bathroom and shower, entrance fee for beach access is included, swimming pool entrance not included, no complimentary breakfast). For the best discounted rates, check here.

Have you been to Catanduanes? Where did you stay?

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