Effortless Sea of Clouds at Treasure Mountain

Thursday, July 20, 2017

treasure mountain diy guide

I don't know what it is about a sea of clouds but many a traveler dream of witnessing it. We travel far and take long often arduous journeys in the hopes of seeing it. Fortunately, here in my home province of Rizal, a sea of clouds is quite easy to come by.

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In Tanay, particularly, with its endless mountain ranges, stunning vistas are a staple. The Maysawa Circuit in Cuyambay, for example, is often graced by the vaporous wonder. But, if you're in no mood for hiking but still want to witness a sea of clouds, you need not go to Sagada, for in the place known as Treasure Mountain, you'll get this and more.

Officially known as Treasure Mountain Educational Campsite, this large property is privately-owned and offers a place especially designed for weekend warriors. It's just a couple of hours from Manila, and doesn't require you to go on a trek to get there. You could trek to there, but the path is easily accessible by vehicles.
sea of clouds tanay

Here's what awaits you in Treasure Mountain:

sea of clouds near manila

sea of clouds near manila

treasure mountain diy guide

Yep. The elusive sea of clouds is a mainstay in this piece of heaven on earth. Some days, it's a little wispier, but it's always there. You don't need to travel to Baguio or go on a hike to experience this.

You can, of course, go on a day tour to check out the sea of clouds, but I highly recommend spending a night here.You can pitch a tent or a hammock, or rent a bedspace if that's not your thing. Aside from chilling out and just watching the wondrous sea of clouds, you may also go on a trek to the nearby waterfalls called Busay Falls. There's also a fire pit for bonfires. Bringing your family and friends, even your teammates, is also possible as Treasure Mountain has lodgings that could fit up to 40 people. There's ample space for parking, and there's a swimming pool that would be open very soon!
camping in tanay rizal

treasure mountain tanay rizal

treasure mountain tanay rizal

If you're worried about food, fret not, for Treasure Mountain has a snack store. You may also request meals to be prepared beforehand (check out contact details below). They also offer native goat cooked four ways! You may also use their kitchen, and they also have a karaoke machine.

As for electricity, the place normally runs on solar energy, but they also have a generator. Mobile reception for Smart and Sun Cellular is exceptionally good here (Globe and TM are a little iffy), so updating your Facebook friends won't be a problem!

While walk-ins are permitted, guests are highly encouraged to make reservations or inform the place beforehand (see contact details below).

(as of August 2017)
treasure mountain tanay

treasure mountain tanay rates

treasure mountain tanay diy guide

(as of July 2017)
Entrance Fee (Day Tour)- Php150/head + Php50/head for pool use; inclusive of access to observation decks and picnic areas
Entrance Fee (Overnight) - Php200/head + Php50/head for pool use; inclusive of and access to observation decks and picnic areas

Tent-pitching Fee - Php300/tent (bring-your-own); Php500/tent (provided; not yet available as of the moment)

Hammock-pitching Fee - Php150/hammock (bring-your-own); Php300 (provided, rattan hammock with foam rattan
Lodgings (can accommodate up to 40 people) - Php500/bed

Use of Kitchen - Php300
Tour guide to Busay Falls - Php500/maximum of 5 pax
Bonfire - Php50/wood bundle
Breakfast (must be ordered beforehand) - Php120/meal
Lunch/Dinner (must be ordered beforehand) - Php250/meal
Native-goat-cooked-four-ways (kinilaw, papaitan, sinampalukan, kalderata; must be ordered beforehand) - Php7,000/goat

Check out Treasure Mountain in Google Maps here.
via Private Transport
    Route 1 via Marcos Highway
Course through Marcos Highway. You will pass through Masinag, Cogeo, Boso-boso Resort, Foremost Farms, Palo Alto,  and, Garden Cottages. The path to Treasure Mountain will be on your left. It's the same jump-off as the Maysawa Circuit (Mt. Sapari, and Mt. Binutasan). 
    Route 2 via Sampaloc in Tanay
Take Sampaloc Road. You will pass by the street to Daranak Falls. Go straight until you arrive at a junction. Turn left. Follow this scenic road. It'll be a 45-minute- to an hour-ride. You will pass by Sierra Madre resort on your right, Ten Cents to Heaven on your left, then Pico de Pino on your right. Once you see Pico de Pino Cafe and Restaurant, you are very close. Drive a bit further. The first path on your right after will lead to Treasure Mountain. It's the same jump-off as the Maysawa Circuit (Mt. Sapari, and Mt. Binutasan).

via Public Transportation
    Route 1 via Cogeo
Ride a van or jeepney going to Padilla/Cogeo Gate 2. Get off at Gate 2 and from here take a jeep bound to Sampaloc in Tanay. It'll be the same route as Route 1 in private transportation. Get off at the jump-off to the Maysawa Circuit. Here, you may go on a 20-minute trek to Treasure Mountain, or wait for a tricycle to take you there.
    Route 2 via Tanay
Take a jeepney to Tanay town proper. In the Tanay Public Market, there are jeepneys that go directly to Cuyambay. If there are no jeeps available, you can take a jeep to Sampaloc, get off at the junction and take another jeep bound for Cogeo, or, from here, you can hire a tricycle to take you directly to Treasure Mountain. This option may cause you Php500 one way for four persons. Alternatively, you can hire a tricycle up to the Sampaloc junction where you can take a jeepney bound for Cogeo that'll pass by the path to Treasure Mountain.

(per pax unless otherwise stated; as of July 2017)
Jeepney Fare (Sta. Lucia to Gate 2) - Php18
Jeepney Fare (Gate 2 to Maysawa Jump-off) - Php50
Tricycle Fare (Jump-off to Treasure Mountain) - to be updated
Jeepney Fare (Tanay Public Market to Sampaloc Junction) - Php28
Jeepney Fare (Sampaloc Junciton to Maysawa Jump-off) - Php22

Treasure Mountain Educational Campsite
Sitio Maysawa, Brgy. Cuyambay Tanay, Rizal
Facebook: Treasure Mountain
Email: inquiry.treasuremountain@gmail.com
+63 9 17 946 1200

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