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Friday, July 28, 2017


Tabaco City, aside from the industry of tabak-making and the fun Tabak Festival, has another contribution to Albay's tourist landscape. Named after the upland baranggay whence it is found, Oras Falls offers a varied perspective to the City of Love.

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Oras Falls is situated within a patch of forest. To reach it, one has to trace the river that courses along its namesake baranggay. It's about a 10- to 15-minute easy trek through a narrow rocky path flanked by thick shrubs and bushes. This path then leads to a portion of the tributary that Oras Falls feeds, requiring one to hop on boulders to get across. A few more steps and there will be the waterfalls. 
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Oras Falls is a very straightforward falls. It is a single thin cascade over which thick foliage forms a natural awning. Its cool, clear waters then gather round a circular pool before spilling to the runnel that flows along the baranggay. The basin gradually deepens and maintains a cool temperature, making it perfect for bathing and wading. 
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The nearest airport to Tabaco is the Legazpi City International Airport. From here, you can reach the city aboard a bus in about 30 minutes.

Alternatively, you can take the purely land route. Bus trips to Tabaco are regular in Cubao and Pasay. It takes about 14 hours by this route to reach the city. Once in the city proper, take a jeepney to Brgy. Oras. In the hi-way, take a tricycle to the jump-off to the falls. You may also rent a tricycle from the proper directly to the jump-off.

(Per head unless otherwise stated)
Jeepney Fare from City Proper to Brgy. Oras - Php20
Tricycle Fare from Hi-way to Jump-off - Php10
Tricycle Rental from City Proper to Oras Falls Jump-off - Php50/one way

+63 52 487 5238
Mayor's Office, Tabaco City

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