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Sunday, July 02, 2017

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This was part of the April 2017 media tour organized by the Tourism Office of Bataan. 

Three brothers, Miguel, Raphael, and Gabriel – all named after archangels – love home-cooked meals so much that their parents opened a restaurant with a menu of their favorite dishes. Christened "Angelitos", this food place in the town of Orani, is fast becoming the go-to fix for locals craving home-style comfort food. And for good reason.

Located along the national road in Brgy Tenejero, the town's poblacion, Angelitos sports an interior featuring an assortment of elements. Long tables and couches serve as seating. Kitschy decor, such as an old-fashioned kettle and parasols, adorns the place. Antique furniture are also displayed. Right before the entrance, a portrait of the brothers welcome guests. The natural lighting makes the place airy and bright. 
angelitos restaurant menu

angelitos restaurant bataan

angelitos restaurant menu

angelitos restaurant bataan

angelitos orani restaurant

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Angelitos doesn't go by a theme, except maybe "family favorites". All are family recipes after all. One look at the menu and you'll see how diverse your options are. One moment, there's a page for pizzas...
angelitos restaurant menu

angelitos bataan menu

...the next, you have chopseuy and creamy tofuThe creamy tofu happens to be my favorite. It was sooooo good, Jovial Wanderer and I were reaching for another plate as soon as ours was all gone.
angelitos bataan menu

Another hit was the nachos (Php128). The serving's small for its price but it packs quite a flavor. The cheese sauce was simply divine!
angelitos bataan menu

The fried chicken's really tasty too. It's not oily and bland and is just the right amount of crispy. If it weren't for my acne, I would've finished the whole basket (Php300; good for 4-5 people)!
angelitos bataan menu

Some other equally filling dishes you can enjoy at Angelitos are pansit habhab, pork binagoongan (pork with shrimp paste), and a fresh salad with chicken and olives.
angelitos bataan menu

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angelitos restaurant menu bataan

angelitos bataan menu restaurant

Angelitos whips up a collection of desserts and sweet things too, from frappes to cakes. For just Php25, you'll get a slice of these delectable fudge brownies that are just too good for its price.
angelitos bataan menu

angelitos bataan menu

Serving takes longer than usual, but that happens when your food is freshly prepared. The ambiance is not just great for families and big groups but also for friends or couples looking for a place to hang out and get good food.

I could definitely understand why locals love Angelitos. I also envy Miguel, Raphael and Gabriel for growing up on such diverse and delicious meals.

Services: Dine-in, Take-out
Parking: Maybe 2 to 3 cars
Mode of Payment: Cash
Wi-Fi: Yes
Business Hours

Angelitos Pizza and Restaurant
M plus C Building, Tenejero, Orani, Bataan
+6 47 237 0743

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