Only in Bataan: 5 Pasalubong Ideas

Thursday, July 06, 2017

pasalubong from bataan

Aside from its wild spaces, cultural pockets, and gastronomic nooks, Bataan wouldn't be Bataan without its trademark products. Since it's impossible for this province to not make an impression, making you want to take a piece of its colorful identity back home, here are five souvenirs that say "Behold Bataan":

The polvoron is a Filipino delicacy made from toasted flour, milk, sugar, and butter. In Bataan, polvoron confectioners have taken this tried-and-tested recipe and combined it with modern flavors. From pinipig to chocolate, Bataan polvorons are perfect fail-safe takeaways for your loved ones. 
pasalubong from bataan

A great alternative to the canned variety is Bataan's homemade Spanish-style tuna. Soaked in either corn oil or extra-virgin coconut oil, the bottled good can either be in chunks or flakes. You can use it to put a little spin on pasta dishes, but it's also good on its own – perfect with rice! Amanda's, and Carlos' are some of the household names when it comes to this product.
souvenirs from bataan

Bataan pushes for sustainable organic farming and many small-scale farms produces hard-to-come-by varieties of rice like red, and brown. You can score some quality kind at a cheaper price here in Bataan, particularly in the town of Abucay.
best souvenirs from bataan

Different kinds of wine can also be purchased in Bataan. Duhat, kalamansi, and bignay wines are produced locally – most of them good enough for export. A great find for adventurous wine enthusiasts.
other flavors of wine

High-value goods made from vegetables are also plenty. Noodles made from either moringga and squash are some of these products. You can also get some top-notch turmeric tea, and wild honey.
souvenirs from bataan

bataan pasalubong

You simply shouldn't leave Bataan without taking home arrowroot cookies. More commonly known as araro (or uraro), this creamy, flaky snack is everywhere in Bataan – it's hard to ignore it. It's worth it, though. Pair it with either coffee or tea and you have a nice, cozy snack for meryenda. Oh, and I heard it's good for teething babies too!
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Have you tried any of these products? What's the best pasalubong you've ever gotten?

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