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Friday, June 16, 2017

budget hotels in koronadal city

During your travels, have you ever found yourself without so much as an inkling on where you'd spend the night? If you answer yes, then here's a high-five because I've been in such a case more than I care to admit. Reservations aren't my thing, see. I plan, of course, but I'd like to have the flexibility of not making reservations. At any rate, during the latter part of my #MeanderingInMindanao adventure with my fiance Dennis, we found ourselves in the city of Koronadal in South Cotabato.

We were in the city more popularly known as Marbel because I was to meet with my friend Kat. (Trivia: Marbel came from the B'laan term marb-el which means "murky waters", referring to a river now known as Marbel River). This was not part of my "loose" itinerary and I really had no clue where we could stay the night. Thankfully, after having dinner, Kat and her husband Ryan took us to this very very inexpensive place called Homewood Pensionne House

Homewood offers just one type of room: an air-conditioned compact one that has a double-size bed, a bathroom, and cable TV. The room is small, as in everything is packed with just a half-an-arm's width of walkway. It maximizes the space and if you're just looking to sleep, then this would definitely do.
budget hotels in koronadal city

budget hotels in south cotabato

Homewood is definitely designed for short-staying travelers. Ample parking spaces are available, but there's not a restaurant or a store within the compound. However, there is a couple of sari-sari stores right outside the place.

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We haven't had any encounter with the staff, save for the receptionist who checked us in. While it lacks coziness in its service, it more than makes up for this with efficiency. Everything is quick and no-nonsense – perfect if you're time-constraint.

Standard Room - Php300/night, good for two

I didn't really keep track of how we got to Homewood as Kat and Ryan drove us to there. However, the town proper is just five minutes away via tricycle.

If you'll be staying in Marbel for a night or two, maybe pegging it as your home-base for exploring South Cotabato, then Homewood Pensionne House would be a bang-for-the-buck place for you to rest your head on.

Homewood Pensionne House
Blk.1 Martinez , Brgy.ZoneI V, Koronadal City (Marbel), South Cotabato

What other budget accommodations in Marbel can you recommend?

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