All Kinds of Adventure in Captivating Cagayan

Sunday, May 07, 2017

cagayan pasalubong

The province of Cagayan packs within its beautiful natural landscape a multitude of other treasures, facets of its character that go further than the physical. To make sure that you’d get to know Cagayan as much as you can, here are five activities you should consider doing:

Go on a church tour
Having been one of the earliest provincias during the Spanish Colonial Period, Cagayan is bound to have a number of historically significant churches. Take the San Antonio de Galicia church in the town of Iguig for example. This church looks out on the Cagayan River, and somewhere in the expansive meadow that surrounds it is a stone stairway that leads to the tributary – a path once used by Spanish officials to travel, and for galleon traders to transport goods. San Antonio de Galicia church also dons a unique architectural feature. It is supported by flying buttresses, making it the only church in the Philippines to be so.

Sample the local gastronomy
A trip to Cagayan wouldn’t simply be complete without tasting the famous pancit batil patung. The tasty noodle dish has always been associated with the province. But aside from it, there are other local delicacies that one must try. There’s the peanut-filled glutinous rice cake called pawa. Carabao milk candy, and carabao chicharon too, which are both perfect for pasalubong.
pancit batil patung

Learn more about traditional pottery
The town of Iguig practices pottery the old-fashion way. The whole community engages in this craft, with almost every house having a kiln in their backyard. Using only their hands, they shape clay into vases and jars. Bricks for home-building are also sold here for cheap, as well as other earthenware. For as low as Php10, you can take home an ashtray or a small pot – another great pasalubong!
cagayan pasalubong

See the Aparri Delta
The Aparri Delta is a stretch of land that commands a view of the Cagayan River merging with the West Philippine Sea. Taking time to visit this place is a chance that shouldn’t be missed when in Cagayan. The feeling of being “on the edge” is quite authentic.
what to do in cagayan
Photo by Martin San Diego courtesy of the North Philippines Visitors Bureau

Take your pick at the many island paradises
The municipality of Sta. Ana in the northeastern part of Cagayan opens up to the great Pacific Ocean. The temperamental waters, however, do not diminish the appeal of the place, albeit adding up to it. Sta. Ana’s portion of the ocean is dusted with a throng of gorgeous enclaves and splendid beaches. If you are to choose just one activity to do in Cagayan, perhaps island-hopping to Anguib Beach, Punta Verde, and the simply breathtaking Palaui Island should be it.

Have you been to Cagayan? What was your favorite memory of it?

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