9 Breathtaking Sites You Wouldn't Believe Are in Catanduanes

Monday, April 24, 2017

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Ah, the Happy Island.

I have many a memory of this place. Earlier this year, with nothing but an EZ Map and a hankering for thrill, Dennis and I traced its outskirts aboard a motorcycle. We got lost. We met incredible people. We brought home scars. And most importantly, we got to see some of the most beautiful natural landscapes Catanduanes has to offer.

So, if you're planning a trip to this island paradise, mind your cardio because these places will surely take your breath away.

Just a 15-minute drive from the hustle and bustle of Virac proper is this gorgeous beach. Lined with ochre sands and sprinkled with distinctive sea stacks and skerries, Igang beach opens up to the Pacific which explains its vigorous waves.

The beach can be accessed through Twin Rock Beach resort. Surprisingly, despite the many man-made additions around the cove, Igang beach still retains its untamed allure. It is most specially marvelous during dusk.

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If Igang beach is stunning at dusk, Sakahon Beach in Brgy. Bote in the municipality of Bato astonishes during sunrise. Through its golden dawns, Nature writes one of its greatest poetry: an epic that exults beginnings.

The shores are clean and the wafting breeze here smell of new-born air. It's perhaps one of the cleanest beaches I've ever been to, and seeing it glorious early light makes everything more beautiful.
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The path to Tuwad-tuwadan Lagoon includes going through a boundless plain that is actually one massive promontory. Idyllic and reminiscent of The Sound of Music, the expansive meadow is complete with grazing livestock and ample room to frolic and cartwheel. Down below, the ocean is sapphire before churning out foamy waves.

The lagoon requires scrambling against an almost 90-degree drop to a collection of craggy rocks that jut out from the headland. Nothing abbreviates the sight as you look out into the shimmering sheet of sapphire. The waves might be rowdy, but there is peace here.
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Tucked in a parcel of forest in Panganiban, the tributary's silvery waters make for a refreshing dip.

Getting here might require a bit more effort as its quite out-of-the-way, but there's a great chance you'd get to have it to yourself for the same reason.

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Located off the shores of Bagamanoc, "Buto ni Kurakog" is Catanduanes' most recognizable rock formation. Its nickname, Fertility Island, is spawned by its popularity among childless couples who want to turn their luck around.

The islet is not always accessible though. But tide-swells sure provide a dramatic foreground for the Giant's Dong.

Viga is home to several inlets that result into a  number of impressive seascapes. Soboc cove and its beach, for example, is framed with coppery sands made even more dramatic by ripple marks during a low-tide.
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On the eastern side of the beach are heaps of rocks where local anglers spend their afternoons. The stone walls provide shade from the sweltering sun – perfect for siestas.

Another remote waterfall is Hardin Falls. The falls, truth be told, is nothing special, but the natural pool forming below it is like a scene plucked right out of a fairy tale.
where to go in catanduanes

With a canopy of vines and lush trees, water as clear as glass, and a dreamy character, Hardin Falls seemed like the perfect dwelling for druids. It has a secretive feel to it, a sort of otherworldly vibe. No wonder they named it "garden".

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Sioron Beach is another one of the many beaches in the island. This one, however, lies a couple of strides from the main highway of Gigmoto.
where to go in catanduanes

The beach is beautiful in an effortless way, all natural and no pretense. There's just a fishing boat in its spic-and-span shores and it's as worthy of a postcard as any of your typical white-sand beach.

This list wouldn't be complete without including Binurong Point. This feat of Nature had put Catanduanes on the traveler's map, and it's not hard to see why. The ridge, reminiscent of the meadows of Tuwad-tuwadan, is adorned with tiny yellow and white flowers, and a carpet of grass that could put a manicured lawn to shame.

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But aside from the on-the-edge scenery, Binurong Point has a less-photographed spot: its lagoon. Binurong has a hallow center and, on it, is an altogether different landscape.While above, green-and-blue is the theme, below, muted onyx and grays dominate the field. A freshwater pond – subterranean in origin according to the locals –  lay reflecting the sky, and a concentrated sound akin to a bass drum booms all around. It's quite surreal.
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There you have it! I know there are so many more places in Catanduanes that should be included in this piece. Help me out and comment them. Happy adventuring!

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