DIY Travel Guide to Malawmawan Island, Sorsogon

Sunday, December 04, 2016


The province of Sorsogon on the northernmost tip of the Bicol Peninsula in Luzon may not be as popular as its neighbor province Albay, but it has equally, if not more, beautiful destinations just waiting for the curious adventurer. Off the coast of the town of Castilla is the island of Malawmawan. One of the scattering of islands along the Sorsogon Bay, Malawamawan Island (also spelled Malaumauan) boasts of a tadpole-shaped stretch of pristine beach with ochre sands and turquoise waters.
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If it's a beautiful sunny day, ask your boatman to take you to a sidetrip to the nearby Panumbagan Atoll – an uninhabited small island known for its beautiful sandbar. 

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Day Tour (from Sorsogon City)
07:40 to 08:50 - Sorsogon Town Proper to Cumadcad via jeepney
08:50 to 09:40 - Cumadcad Public Market to Brgy. Macalaya via jeepney
09:40 to 10:30 - Brgy. Macalaya port to Malawmawan Island via rented boat
10:30 to 13:00 - Explore, swim, picture-taking, and lunch at the island
13:00 to 13:30 - Malawmawan Island to Brgy. Macalaya port via rented boat
13:30 to 14:00 - Wash up
14:00 to 14:40 - Brgy. Macalaya to Cumadcad Public Market via jeepney
14:40 to 16:20 - Cumadcad Public Market to Sorsogon Town Proper via jeepney
(Per pax unless otherwise stated)
Jeepney Fare (Sorsogon Town Proper vv Cumadcad Public Market; Php30 x 2) - Php60
Jeepney Fare (Cumadcad Public Market vv Brgy. Macalaya port; Php20 x 2) - Php40
Entrance Fee (Malawmawan Island) - FREE as of writing
Boat Rental (Malawmawan vv Port; good for 2 pax) - Php500
Lunch (Carinderia at the port; good for 2 pax) - Php140

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From the Sorsogon town proper, ride a jeepney bound for Cumadcad. From the Cumadcad public market, there is a jeepney terminal bound to Macalaya – the baranggay that serves as the jump-off point to the island. It'll take you 45 minutes to arrive at said baranggay which is the last stop in the jeepney route. Once in the baranggay, walk to the port. There will be boatmen who'll be able to take you to the island.

Celine's Note: Jeepneys from Macalaya back to the Cumadcad public market are only available up until 7PM.

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- Practice the LNT Principles at all times (Read: 8 Basic Etiquette Rules Every Modern Traveler Should Know)
- Wear appropriate clothing to avoid injury and wounds, put on some sunscreen too
- Mobile Reception (all networks) are intermittent
- There is ample parking space in the port
- You may wash up at the port, in one of the houses in the baranggay
- The island is privately owned but tourists are permitted to visit, and as of writing, entrance is free
- There is no electricity, no stores, and no sources of fresh water on the island
- There are plenty of food stalls in the port
- There is no resort here. Only the caretaker, his wife, and a couple of Bantay-Dagat personnel live on the island in a small nipa hut. If you're planning to stay the night, you can stay at the hut or you can pitch your own tent and sleep under the stars.
malawmawan island diy travel guide

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